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Airport relies on natural gas

Dr. Hans Reichhart, the Bavarian Minister of Transportation, opens up the gas station and hands over a huge fund.

Sustainability is also a big topic in air traffic. It is still going to be worked on the production of alternative fuels and drive. Memmingen Airport puts a sign with the new natural gas station. Reichhart inaugurated the new gas station on Monday the 9th of September. Furthermore, he had a huge and important document with him.

“I am very happy, that Memmingen Airport makes a contribution with a natural gas station and with natural gas driving busses to protect the climate.” so the minister at the Airport.
“With the alternative fuel we can reduce 20 percent compared to petrol.”, says Airport CEO Ralf Schmid. Six airport busses and 4 transporters are running with the alternative fuel. More vehicles are to come.
With him the minister had a document, for which the Airport in Memmingen was waiting for – a grant fund from the Bavarian government for the expansion of the airport. “We want”, so the minister, “support the air traffic location Memmingen and support the expansion of the airport with of around 14.5 Million Euros.
The airport connects the Allgäu with international destinations and is of enormous importance for the region. “Memmingen Airport has established itself, besides the airports in Munich and Nuremberg, as the third traffic airport in Bavaria”