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20220317_Flugziele-Sommer-22_neuSummer starts next Sunday

Summer starts next Sunday

New flight schedule with new destinations and more service for passengers

According to the calendar, spring has only just begun, but at Memmingen Airport, summer already starts next Sunday (27 March). The summer flight schedule, which comes into effect on that day, already urgently requires the purchase of a bikini, swimming trunks and suntan oil. After all, it offers sea, beach and sunshine, four new destinations, a new airline partner and more service for passengers on departure.

Memmingen Airport currently has a total of 54 destinations to offer this summer. The wide-ranging route network extends from Alghero on Sardinia to Zadar on the Croatian Adriatic coast. For friends of the southern way of life, Ryanair presents new delicacies: Pisa and Pescara in Italy and Santiago de Compostela in Spain. As before, many routes lead to well-known holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and beyond. Greece is represented with Thessaloniki and the islands of Rhodes and Crete. While Ryanair flies to Chania on Crete, the airline Corendon offers Heraklion as a destination there. Corendon is also represented this summer with Antalya in Turkey and Hurghada in Egypt. Sicily is also on offer twice. Ryanair flies to Palermo, Wizz Air to Catania. Wizz Air traditionally covers Eastern Europe with numerous routes this summer. Kukes in northern Albania is a new addition.
Among the airline partners that rely on Memmingen Airport, Eurowings is represented for the first time this summer. The airline, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, will be connecting Memmingen with Mallorca three times a week from May. This means that the airport will have a total of 13 Mallorca flights a week this summer, as Ryanair also flies to the Balearic island, in some cases several times a day. The weekly flight from Memmingen to Calvi on Corsica, which the tour operator Rhomberg will be offering its guests from 29 May, also promises a stone’s throw away from the sun. Globalis, a specialist for guided adventure tours, is back in Memmingen and organising three trips to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey in cooperation with the airline Blue Islands.

New service: Self Bag Drop
“After two pandemic years, despite all the current crises, there is a strong need for holidays and relaxation,” reports Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. “The airlines have already reacted to this and expanded their offerings.” This summer, Ryanair is significantly increasing the number of flights to Zadar, Brindisi and Girona near Barcelona in Spain. In order to be able to start the holidays carefree, the airport managers have introduced a new service: For all Wizzair and soon also Ryanair passengers who have already checked in online and have a boarding pass, there is now the option of “Self Bag Drop” in the terminal. Here you can simply drop off your luggage and do not have to queue at the check-in counter. This saves time – but in general, passengers should not plan too tightly, especially during the holiday season. “Our check-in counters open at least two hours before departure,” explains Ralf Schmid. For those arriving by car, he has another tip ready: “Book the parking space of your choice online in advance.” Otherwise, it could happen in the high season that the parking space of your choice is already occupied.

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AdobeStock_215155638_kleinMore Bella Italia from Memmingen

More Bella Italia from Memmingen

From 28 March: Ryanair launches new routes to Pisa and Pescara

Bella Italia is coming a little closer again. From the end of March, Italy lovers will have two more opportunities to reach the country of their dreams non-stop from Memmingen Airport. Because Ryanair is now adding Pisa and Pescara to its programme.

Despite all odds, many people want to realise their long-delayed holiday dreams this year. “We have been feeling a great demand for flights to the sun for weeks now,” explains airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. Italy is also high on the list of popular holiday destinations. “We are all the more pleased,” says Schütz, “that with Pisa and Pescara we can now offer two more tourist heavyweights.” From 28 March, there will be non-stop flights from Memmingen with Ryanair every Monday and every Friday to the city, which is not only world-famous for its leaning tower. With the Galileo Galilei International Airport two kilometres south of the city centre, it also has the most important airport in central Italy and functions as an ideal starting point for trips through Tuscany, to Florence or to the nearby Ligurian Sea. On the other side of the boot, the port city of Pescara shines with its kilometre-long Adriatic beaches and the Abruzzi in the hinterland, which can be easily explored from here. The Ryanair flight will take off for the first time on 29 March from Memmingen to Pescara and will then operate every Tuesday and every Saturday.

From 27 March again to Sardinia

Sardinia is also a perennial favourite. That’s why Ryanair is reintroducing the connection from Memmingen to Alghero as of 27 March. Twice a week – on Wednesday and Sunday – there will be non-stop flights to the city on the west coast. Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, is expecting many guests to return this summer.
As already reported, Ryanair will be connecting Memmingen Airport with another place of longing from 27 March: Santiago de Compostela, the destination of St James’ pilgrims, will be on the flight schedule for the first time. The capital of Galicia in northwest Spain will be served twice a week (Sunday and Thursday).

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Airbus-A320-beim-Start_©-Allgäu-Airport-GmbH-Co.-KG_Fotograf_Tom-EngelMemmingen Airport as a hub for  Ukraine refugees

Memmingen Airport as a hub for Ukraine refugees

Wizz Air offers free flights from Romania

Memmingen Airport is preparing to become a hub for Ukrainian refugees. This is because the airline Wizz Air today held out the prospect of 100,000 free tickets for Ukrainians who want to fly out via neighbouring countries. There are currently seven routes between Romania and Memmingen that could be used in this way.

“We will do our utmost to support the offer of our airline partner to provide 100,000 tickets free of charge to Ukrainian refugees,” explains Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. Flights from Suceava and Iaşi in particular, with their proximity to the Ukrainian border, are suitable for this. Memmingen Airport could become a hub in southern Germany. On the one hand, refugees can use the seven Romanian routes to Memmingen. On the other hand, the airline also offers special fares for 29.99 euros to those affected who want to travel from Memmingen to another European destination with Wizz Air.

Ukrainian refugees can book these flights at, Wizz Air announced. The 100,000 free seats and the special fares will be available throughout March. Travellers must provide their Ukrainian passport or ID card when booking and present it later at check-in. The city of Memmingen has set up a crisis team to support Ukrainian refugees on site. It also coordinates the aid for the Ukrainian twin city of Chernihiv.

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AdobeStock_48712740Memmingen Airport with new route to Kukës

Memmingen Airport with new route to Kukës

Kukës is the newest destination at Memmingen Airport. From 4th of June, Wizz Air will be connecting the Allgäu region with the city in northern Albania. This means that southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport now has two flight connections to Albania in addition to the route to the capital Tirana.

In recent years, two Albanian companies have invested in the expansion of Zayed-North Wings Kukës International Airport, which now has a modern terminal and an enlarged runway. The town of 17,000 inhabitants, which lies on the edge of a reservoir in which the original settlement sank, is considered a transport hub between Kosovo in the north and the capital Tirana in the south. From 4th of June, Wizz Air will connect Kukës with Memmingen twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday). “Since we already have routes to Tirana and Pristina, this new route complements our offer for this region in a meaningful way,” explains airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. Experts estimate the catchment area of Kukës airport at around 1.3 million people. The majority of passengers will probably come from Kosovo, which is about 20 minutes away.

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A310 MedEvac vor TerminalMemmingen Airport close to the one Million

Memmingen Airport close to the one Million

Memmingen Airport was close to reach the mark of one million passengers in the past year: After a Covid-related minus in the previous year, 2021 was marked by consolidation. For 2022 the airport management is in hope to reach the same passenger income on a same level before the pandemic.

After a balance of 690,780 passengers in 2020, Memmingen Airport was able to start climbing again in 2021 and recorded an increase of 42 percent with 980,503 passengers. “Despite all the restrictions, the desire and will to travel was clearly noticeable among our passengers,” explains Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. The airlines with service to Memmingen did their best to maintain an attractive offer and even expand it with some new destinations, he added. Only recently, the new flight connections from Memmingen to Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and to Lappeenranta in Finland celebrated their premiere. In total 11 new destinations were added.

Last year, the airport helped medical personnel, harvest workers and students to reach their places of work and study. Visiting friends and relatives also continued to play a major role. Rescue flights by the German Armed Forces attracted a great deal of attention. On several occasions, the Airbus A310 MedEvac of the German military landed at Memmingen Airport to take patients from several intensive care units in Bavaria on board and transport them to northern German states for treatment.

The airport has now started the new year with optimism and the hope to match the previous record of around 1.7 million passengers set in 2019. “Furthermore, Corona represents a major challenge, especially with the new virus variant Omikron,” says Ralf Schmid. Nevertheless, the hope is that the situation will calm down in early summer. This year, in the 15th year of civil flight operations in Memmingen, the company is cautiously optimistic that it will be able to continue its climb. “It remains to be seen what impact upcoming Corona waves will have on tourism and air traffic,” emphasizes Ralf Schmid. He adds that Memmingen Airport has further strengthened its position as southern Germany’s leading low-cost airport in recent months and has impressively demonstrated that it is one of the most important air traffic locations in the south of the country, which also plays a significant role for its neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland.

Its contribution to further growth is also expected to come from last year’s largest construction project. The completed expansion of the baggage hall with arrivals area now offers passengers greater comfort and enables better compliance with hygiene standards. Further expansion and optimization measures on the second floor of the terminal are to follow this year. The new ILS 06 instrument landing system will also be put into operation, and the rainwater retention basin is to be completed. Further work is planned on the apron areas. This year, the company also intends to take a step closer to its declared goal of climate-neutral flight operations. Ralf Schmid: “Our goal is zero! 0 percent CO2 until 2030 by reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions around flight operations.”

In terms of passenger favourability, Sofia came first last year, followed by Skopje and Palma. On March 27, Ryanair will connect Memmingen Airport with Santiago de Compostela for the first time. There will then be two flights a week (Sunday and Thursday) to the northern Spanish city. There are already 53 destinations bookable with 4 airlines from Memmingen for next summer.

Summer flight schedule

Fo serveral times, the Airbus A310 MedEvac of the German Air Force landed at Memmingen Airport to take patients from Bavaria to northern German states for treatment.

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