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Ryanair vor Terminal Herbst, Fotograf Maximilian MairBalance sheet for 2022: Nearly two million passengers

Balance sheet for 2022: Nearly two million passengers

Memmingen Airport was able to put the turbulence of the two Corona years behind it and resume its growth course in 2022. As a result, the airport recorded a total of 1,991,654 million passengers last year, surpassing the 2019 record by 268,885 passengers and nearly 16 percent. For the current year, a clear jump above the two-million mark is expected.
While the balance sheet for 2021 was still heavily influenced by the Corona-related restrictions – 980,503 passengers were recorded – 2022 was all about relaxation. “People finally wanted to travel again,” explains Airport CEO Ralf Schmid. “There was a lot of pent-up demand. Not only in terms of tourism, but especially when visiting relatives and friends.” Compared to the pre-Corona year 2019, Memmingen Airport was able to continue old growth rates and recorded an increase of 15.6 percent with 1.99 million passengers (2019: 1.72 million). “We’re pleased to have achieved great growth,” Schmid emphasizes, “thanks to our dedicated team and strong airline partners.” In addition to the desire of many passengers to travel, the airlines also grew, continuously increasing their capacity and adding new destinations to their program. Ryanair stationed a third aircraft in Memmingen in the fall of 2022. As a result, the new destinations of Malta, Naples, Valencia, Corfu and Krakow in Poland will appear on the summer flight schedule. The travel group TUI has also recognized the potential in Memmingen and is presenting a new direct connection to Crete from June 8, which it is combining with numerous local offers to create attractive travel packages.

Over 50 destinations in 24 countries
This year, those responsible are certain that Memmingen Airport will easily exceed the two-million mark. An increase of 15 percent and a total of 2.3 million passengers are expected to fly to and from Memmingen. The two major airport partners Ryanair and Wizz Air, which are constantly increasing frequencies on numerous existing routes, are not the least responsible for this. In total, Memmingen Airport offers more than 50 destinations in 24 countries with five airlines this year.

Airport job machine
Growth also ensures that the airport job machine continues to generate new jobs. This year the 237 employees at Flughafen Memmingen GmbH and Allgate GmbH are to receive around 50 new colleagues. “We need reinforcements,” emphasizes CEO Ralf Schmid, “and are looking forward to motivated new employees who will continue the growth course with us.” The infrastructure will also be adapted in several steps by 2026 to meet strong demand and increasing regulatory requirements. Among other things, the check-in area and the upper floor in the arrivals hall will be expanded, and the upper floor in the terminal will be extended.

In addition to the two aircraft previously based in Memmingen, Ryanair now stationed a third, this providing new flight connections. Like Wizz Air, the airline is also increasing frequencies on existing routes.

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FR WinterWinter flight schedule & third Ryanair base aircraft

Winter flight schedule & third Ryanair base aircraft

Winter can come. Whether you spend it on skis or rather in swimming trunks and bikini. Memmingen Airport offers both inclination groups numerous travel options in its new winter flight schedule, which starts on Sunday, October 30th. New is the Canary Island Lanzarote. The airline Ryanair, which is heading for a record year, also celebrates its premiere by stationing a third aircraft at Memmingen Airport for the first time.

Dive into the winter or out of snow and ice: The new flight schedule offers numerous sun destinations that can be reached non-stop from Memmingen. This ranges from Paphos in Cyprus and Tel Aviv to Sicily, which offers two routes with Palermo and Catania, and on to the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal. Besides Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Memmingen will also be connected to Lanzarote from November 5th. Every Saturday Ryanair flies nonstop to the sun. A third machine, newly stationed in Memmingen, provides the necessary capacity for this. “Those who want to travel again this winter will find numerous attractive and also new options with us,” explains airport managing director Ralf Schmid. City trips to London, Dublin, Porto or Riga are still worthwhile. An insider tip is Jordan, which can be reached quickly with a nonstop flight to the capital Amman. The extensive range of services in Eastern Europe, which mostly is covered by Wizz Air, also offers numerous opportunities for discovery and makes it easier for many to visit friends and relatives and to work in Germany.

“In winter, however, we continue to be the airport of the winter sportsman,” Schmid reports. Skiing enthusiasts from the United Kingdom as well as visitors from Eastern Europe appreciate the short distance to the Allgäu or the neighboring mountain regions. Traveling in the opposite direction are vacationers from Southern Germany who visit Finland and Norway with tour operators during the cold season and whose charter flights depart from Memmingen.

Memmingen Airport is heading for a new record year. In the first nine months of this year, it already counted 1,472,446 passengers. Compared to 2019, when 1,308,368 passengers flew to and from Memmingen, this is an increase of 12.5 percent. That year, the airport achieved its previous record result with 1.72 million passengers. Those responsible are certain that this mark will probably fall before the end of the year.

Winter flight schedule

Winter destinations Memmingen Airport

From Memmingen to Europe and beyond. The destinations of the new winter flight schedule 2022/23.

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Flughafen Memmingen Corona-Test_kleinMemmingen Airport expands testing-services

Memmingen Airport expands testing-services

Memmingen Airport is expanding its Corona test offering. In addition to the previous free PCR tests, there is now a new antigen rapid test centre as well as further paid test options for international passengers.

For all citizens residing in Germany, the new antigen rapid test centre of the company EcoCare is now open daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. in a tent next to the car park P1 near the terminal. The results of the free tests are sent by e-mail in German within 15 to 20 minutes. Pre-registration is required for the rapid test centre as well as for the PCR test centre, which has been open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight for some time now and is located in a former noise protection hall next to the P1 car park. There, as a special service of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care, PCR testing is available free of charge to all citizens and passengers regardless of their place of residence. The results are usually transmitted within 24 hours. German-language Corona findings from the PCR test centre can be translated into English at Memmingen Airport for a fee – either as an express translation within 60 minutes or within 24 hours.

For the large number of international passengers, another testing service is now also available. “With this, we offer all our passengers and also the citizens from the region a comprehensive and efficient service,” explains Andreas Loritz, Head of Non-Aviation at Memmingen Airport. “Alongside vaccination, testing is the decisive factor that will boost air traffic again,” he emphasises.

The company EcoCare additionally offers PCR tests and antigen and antibody rapid tests at Memmingen Airport for a fee. These tests are also carried out in the antigen rapid test centre. Smear tests are also carried out on children from the age of three. For all of these tests, registration is required at For the free PCR tests, the address for registration is, as before. During the test, the airport car park P1 is available (ten minutes free of charge).

Detailed information about the test offers, the fees and the possibilities to register and make an appointment 

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AdobeStock_126802364_sFrom October on again new destination in Romania

From October on again new destination in Romania

Romania continues to be one of the top destinations on the flight schedule of Memmingen Airport. A new route will be added at the end of October: The airline Wizz Air will then connect Memmingen with Bacău twice a week.

The 145,000-inhabitant city in northeastern Romania, the economic center of the Moldova region, is served on Tuesday and Saturday. Start is October 31st. Tickets from € 24.99 can already be booked. “Especially in times of the Corona crisis, we were able to maintain an important airlift between Romania and southern Germany,” emphasizes Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. Urgent nursing staff and harvest workers were able to get to their workplaces and home quickly and safely. In the course of this week all previous Romanian destinations (Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, Tirgu Mures and Suceava) will be flown to again. With Bacău, six destinations in Romania will be available at the start of the winter flight schedule.

16.06.2020 | Memmingen Airport

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Memmingen Airport Terminal, photographer: Stefan GruberCorona slows down air traffic

Corona slows down air traffic

The worldwide corona crisis does not leave Memmingen airport untouched. Air traffic are initially restricted, short-time working has been requested. However, there is confidence that the turbulence can be mastered.  

After more and more countries introduced entry stops, airlines flying to Memmingen also were prompted to temporarily suspend flights. „We are currently offering a restricted flight schedule to enable passengers, in particular, to travel to their home countries, “says CEO Ralf Schmid. The situation is changing constantly. Over 50 destinations were planned so far. „Which of these can be realized and how”, says Schmid, “depends on the current development around the topic of corona. In any case, the airlines would reduce their capacities and the tour operators their programs in the next two months. Passengers who have booked flights or travel in the coming days and weeks are advised to check with the airline or tour operator about the current status. Information about entry controls and entry stops can be obtained from the State Department or the embassy of the country concerned.

Paper waste is also the forecast for the current business year, for which just a few weeks ago, almost two million passengers were expected at Memmingen Airport. However, the current crisis has no existential effects on the company. “Flughafen Memmingen GmbH is currently well positioned financially,” emphasizes Ralf Schmid, “in order to be able to cope with such an exceptional situation for some time.” Of course, in coordination with the works council and the supervisory board, the company reacted quickly and for Flughafen Memmingen GmbH and the subsidiary ALLgate GmbH, which together employ around 160 people, applied for short-time work. Planned investments are being put to the test, and the postponement of individual construction measures is being discussed. “But we are confident,” says Schmid, “that we will be able to survive this difficult situation for our entire society in the long term without damage.”

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Airlounge BurgerNew gastronomy at the airport

New gastronomy at the airport

The new AIRLOUNGE has recently opened its doors in the southern area of ​​the airport (Building 44, Gate 3). A daily changing lunch menu as well as various parties and events on weekends are waiting for the visitors. Excursion guests who like to watch planes take off and land will find the perfect spotter spot here. AIRLOUNGE can also be booked for private or corporate functions and events.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 03 pm
Friday: 11 am – 03 pm & 06 pm – 02 am
Saturday: 04 pm – 02 pm
Sunday: 04 pm – 10 pm

More information:


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34.5 percent more passengers in the first quarter

In total, 294,126 passengers flew to and from Memmingen in the first three months of 2018. This represents an increase of 34.5 percent compared to the first quarter of 2017, when 218,689 passengers were counted. “We are on the fast lane,” says airport manager Ralf Schmid. “The figures show that our offer is correct and met with a great response among passengers from all over southern Germany and the neighboring countries.” In addition to the attractive destinations, low-cost parking and the short distances provided by the airport were responsible for the increased demand. “In the meantime,” says Schmid, “more and more regulars have declared Memmingen their favorite airport.”
Also in terms of capacity utilization, the airport was able to grow again. The average utilization in the first quarter was 85.23 percent (previous year: 82.65 percent). In the first quarter of 2018, most passengers again decided for London, which traditionally occupies the top position in Memmingen. Followed by Moscow, Kiev, Sofia and Porto. The destination with the best capacity utilization was Tenerife with a rate of 91.72 percent. Followed by the connections to Skopje, Moscow, Malaga and Kiev.
Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid expects a new passenger record for the current year. “We will probably welcome around 1.4 million passengers.” Numerous new routes will also help to make the flight schedule even more attractive. Zadar in Croatia, Athens, Polish Katowice and the Egyptian Hurghada are further summer destinations. In winter Marrakech, Brindisi, Edinburgh and Lviv (Ukraine) are added.


Source:  Memmingen Airport

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Memmingen Airport gets EASA-Certificate

Safe is even safer: Now it’s official that Memmingen Airport fulfills all EU-legal requirements. After an extensive certification process the government of Upper Bavaria issued the EASA-Certificate to the Airport.

“Safety enjoys absolute priority”, commented Ralf Schmid, CEO of the Flughafen Memmingen GmbH. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has set itself the task of adding further strict requirements to national and international safety standards to achieve a uniformly high level throughout Europe.
The airport Memmingen was audited by the National Aviation Authority South Bavaria/government of Upper Bavaria as part of an extensive certification process. Up to 3.500 criteria from the areas of infrastructure, business, and organization were examined. With this report the experts confirm that the third civil airport in Bavaria optimized its already high security level. “This is another confirmation of the outstanding work our teams have been doing for years”, explained the head of the airport Ralf Schmid. “It also shows us what parts are important for the planned extension.” Last but not least the cooperation between the airport and the authority was intensified.

Joy in the award of certificates. The EASA-certificate verifies the high security level at Airport Memmingen. Our picture shows (from the left) CEO Ralf Schmid, Masoud Hejazian (National Aviation Authority South Bavaria), Ulrich Ehinger (Director of government, National Aviation Authority South Bavaria), Uwe Gindner, Marcel Schütz, Herbert Schalk, Rüdiger Franke, Julia Baumann (all from airport Memmingen) and Michael Sander (National Aviation Authority South Bavaria).

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Mobile charge station in the terminal

As from now you can charge your mobile in the terminal after the security check for free. We have installed a charge station between gate 1 and gate 2/3 with all popular charging cables.

How does the charge station works?

  • Choose at the touch screen a free locker and enter a free selectable code (you have to enter the code two times for security reasons).
  • The locker opens.
  • Connect your mobile with the suitable charging cable.
  • Close the locker.
  • Charging process.
  • For removel choose your locker at the touch screen and enter your code.
  • The locker opens. You can remove your mobile.
Mobile charging station at Memmingen Airport

Mobile charging station at Memmingen Airport

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