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Corona Testcenter

Free Antigen-Test

All citizens residing in Germany have the opportunity to take a free rapid antigen test.

Paid test offers from EcoCare

Antigen Test: 29,00 EUR

PoC-Antibody-Test: 35,00 EUR

RT PCR Test 24h – 36h: 69,00 EUR

RT PCR Test 1/1,5h: 149,00 EUR

RT PCR Test 30min: 239,00 EUR

All information without guarantee and subject to change.

Further information

Registration and appointment

For all chargeable test offers and free Antigen-Tests you must register via


Smears are taken from children 3 years and over. 

Opening hours

Daily from 06 am till 10 pm. During the test, the short-term car park P1, for which a fee is charged, is available for use. The test centre is located in the rental car centre opposite the terminal.


Phone:+49 (0) 211 38789573