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Last minute to the Easter bunny

Flights from Memmingen still available for Last-minute travellers
Around 90,000 passengers will use Memmingen Airport for a trip during the upcoming Easter holidays. This means that the airport reaches the pre-Corona level of 2019. There are good news for those making a late decision: there are still free seats among the 48 current connections, so that a Last-minute Easter vacation is possible.
Relaxing days at the beach or an interesting city stroll as well as visits to relatives and friends are at the top of the list of wishes for the upcoming Easter vacations. “Many have already booked their trips early”, explains Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. “However, there are still routes available for a Last-minute trip to see the Easter Bunny.” Those who want to visit Master Lamp in Italy can visit Coniglietto di Pasqua, as he is known at our southern neighbors, with flights from Memmingen to Pisa, Pescara or Lamezia Terme. Ryanair still offers free seats for nonstop flights to Bella Italia. With other destinations such as Brindisi, Palermo, Catania and Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Memmingen has a very comprehensive extensive Italy offer. Spain also promises plenty of sun. The new connection to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest invites passengers to discover Galicia and to contemplate on the Jakobs-Weg.
Those who prefer the far north should consider Billund as a travel destination. The largest tourist attraction in the danish city is the internationally famous Legoland amusement park. But also the proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea makes the South Jutland region a popular tourist destination.
An impressive city trip promises Riga, the capital of Latvia. Famous for its art nouveau buildings and the well-preserved old town. It also proves to be an ideal starting point for a round trip through the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mallorca from May
People who does not want or must travel during the Easter vacations, can choose one of the most popular destinations of the Germans afterwards:
From 3 May it goes non-stop from Memmingen to Mallorca with Eurowings. The trip to the island is possible on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Seats are still available. But thanks to Ryanair, flights are also available before then.
With up to 13 flights per week, Mallorca is one of the top destinations this year from Memmingen.

Two hours before departure
Marcel Schütz advises all travelers to plan enough time for departure at the airport. “Two hours should be the minimum.” Because it is still necessary to check the respective entry forms. Travelers should inform themselves in advance about the regulations in their destination country and fill out the necessary documents. It is also a great advantage to book an airport parking space online in advance.