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Let’s go Apulia: Brindisi is the next destination

Ryainair names another destination from Memmingen Airport

“Around the World in Eighty Days” author Jules Vernes let his main character travel from Paris to Brindisi by train. Now Ryanair makes it possible to fly from Memmingen to the seaport in southern Italy. The airline will bring its passengers twice a week to Apulia.

The summer flight plan hasn’t even started yet, when the airlines are already eager to announce their destination for the coming winter: First Scottish capital Edinburgh, now Brindisi is added to the list of cities you can visit from Memmingen Airport by October. The 90.000 citizen city in Apulia is the perfect starting point for exploring southern Italy. “The flight will also be frequently used by people with italian heritage as well as their friends and relatives” says Sales Director of Memmingen Airport, Marcel Schütz. The connection will start October 29th, every Monday and Friday at 8.30am. The airport Brindisi is located only three kilometers away from the city center.

Brindisi used to be known as the “door to the orient” and is an important harbor for cargo and tourism nowadays still. The beautiful holiday places, one of Italys most important national parks, the popular thermal springs, the castle and fortress and the famous St. Giovanni al Sepolcro church attract people from all over the world.