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Memmingen Airport continues to grow double-digit

31.47 percent more passengers at mid-year

More than 30 percent more passengers during the first half-year of 2018! Memmingen Airport continues to grow double-digit, caused by new flights and again risen capacity utilization of the planes. The managers expect another plus for the second half of the year.

681.177 passengers have been counted at Memmingen Airport in the first six months of 2018. This represents an increase of 31.47 percent to the previous year with 518.138 passengers. “Almost a third more passengers, that is a huge step up”, declares Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. “Responsible is an amazing accomplishment of our entire team and the fact, that our offer is well received.” It has been extended by four connections to Burgas, Zadar, Athens and Katowice. Once more noticeable grown has the already high capacity utilization of the airplanes, to a very good average of 86.58 percent, which makes 160 passengers per flight. “The higher the utilization of an aircraft, the smaller is the emission per passenger and flight”, explains Schmid by emphasizing the environmental aspect of the pleasing number.

Many passengers in the air mean a high demand on the ground as well. On peek days during the first half-year with 7,000 passengers, when it were 5,000 in past years. These numbers could have been even higher, if there wouldn’t have been strikes and capacity shortage with air traffic control.

For the second half of 2018 another increase is expected. Managing Director Ralf Schmid thinks a total of 1.4 Mio passengers in 2018 is presumable. “Especially because the upcoming winter flight plan promises further attractive destinations” he says.  Soon flights will take off to Marrakesh, Brindisi and Edinburgh. In Eastern Europe Lviv, Banja Luka and Chisinau, capital of Moldovia, are added to the timetable. Within a short time the route to Antalya will start, and since last week flights leave to Egyptian beach destination Hurghada.  The top destinations with most passengers are currently London, Sofia, Kiev and Palma de Mallorca.