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RomeRome celebrates a comeback: Wizz Air flies to the Eternal City starting in September

Rome celebrates a comeback: Wizz Air flies to the Eternal City starting in September

Rome is back! From September, Memmingen Airport will once again be connected to the Italian capital, thanks to a new route offered by Wizz Air.
From September 5, the Eternal City will once again be a little closer to the Allgäu Region. Fiumicino Airport will then be served non-stop by the airline Wizz Air twice a week – on Tuesday and Saturday – and tickets are already available. „We are very pleased that Rome will once again appear on our flight schedule,“ emphasizes Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. Already in the early years of Memmingen Airport, the Italian capital was one of the most popular destinations. After all, the metropolis is a perennial tourist attraction. Wizz Air, which mainly serves destinations in Eastern Europe from Memmingen, has been expanding its activities in Italy for some time now, also connecting Memmingen with Catania in Sicily. In addition, Ryanair serves Palermo, Naples, Brindisi, Pisa and Lamezia Terme. With that, Memmingen Airport will have an attractive range of services to Italy in the coming summer.

More destinations

According to an ancient legend, the city of Rome was founded 753 BC.

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Ryanair vor Terminal Herbst, Fotograf Maximilian MairBalance sheet for 2022: Nearly two million passengers

Balance sheet for 2022: Nearly two million passengers

Memmingen Airport was able to put the turbulence of the two Corona years behind it and resume its growth course in 2022. As a result, the airport recorded a total of 1,991,654 million passengers last year, surpassing the 2019 record by 268,885 passengers and nearly 16 percent. For the current year, a clear jump above the two-million mark is expected.
While the balance sheet for 2021 was still heavily influenced by the Corona-related restrictions – 980,503 passengers were recorded – 2022 was all about relaxation. “People finally wanted to travel again,” explains Airport CEO Ralf Schmid. “There was a lot of pent-up demand. Not only in terms of tourism, but especially when visiting relatives and friends.” Compared to the pre-Corona year 2019, Memmingen Airport was able to continue old growth rates and recorded an increase of 15.6 percent with 1.99 million passengers (2019: 1.72 million). “We’re pleased to have achieved great growth,” Schmid emphasizes, “thanks to our dedicated team and strong airline partners.” In addition to the desire of many passengers to travel, the airlines also grew, continuously increasing their capacity and adding new destinations to their program. Ryanair stationed a third aircraft in Memmingen in the fall of 2022. As a result, the new destinations of Malta, Naples, Valencia, Corfu and Krakow in Poland will appear on the summer flight schedule. The travel group TUI has also recognized the potential in Memmingen and is presenting a new direct connection to Crete from June 8, which it is combining with numerous local offers to create attractive travel packages.

Over 50 destinations in 24 countries
This year, those responsible are certain that Memmingen Airport will easily exceed the two-million mark. An increase of 15 percent and a total of 2.3 million passengers are expected to fly to and from Memmingen. The two major airport partners Ryanair and Wizz Air, which are constantly increasing frequencies on numerous existing routes, are not the least responsible for this. In total, Memmingen Airport offers more than 50 destinations in 24 countries with five airlines this year.

Airport job machine
Growth also ensures that the airport job machine continues to generate new jobs. This year the 237 employees at Flughafen Memmingen GmbH and Allgate GmbH are to receive around 50 new colleagues. “We need reinforcements,” emphasizes CEO Ralf Schmid, “and are looking forward to motivated new employees who will continue the growth course with us.” The infrastructure will also be adapted in several steps by 2026 to meet strong demand and increasing regulatory requirements. Among other things, the check-in area and the upper floor in the arrivals hall will be expanded, and the upper floor in the terminal will be extended.

In addition to the two aircraft previously based in Memmingen, Ryanair now stationed a third, this providing new flight connections. Like Wizz Air, the airline is also increasing frequencies on existing routes.

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Crete_Irakleio_Matala beach03_photo Y SkoulasWith TUI to Crete

With TUI to Crete

Good news for all who are already planning their next Pentecost holidays: The travel company TUI is opening a new direct connection from Memmingen to Crete, the Greek sun and vacation island. Now numerous attractive travel packages are bookable.

Starting from 30 May it goes each Tuesday and starting from 8 June additionally each Thursday with the airline Aegean Airlines nonstop to Heraklion. The travel packages can already be booked directly with TUI or at one of the affiliated travel agencies.

“The fact that one of the largest travel company’s has once again chosen Memmingen Airport shows us that the signs for the coming year continue to point to growth,” emphasizes Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. The current summer flight schedule for 2023 also offers numerous other sunny destinations, with attractive new additions such as Naples, Malta, Valencia and Corfu.

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Griechenland_KorfuFour new sun destinations from Memmingen Airport

Four new sun destinations from Memmingen Airport

The current winter flight schedule barely became effective, as for summer Memmingen Airport is already sending out first positive signals. The tendency is clear and calls even more swimsuit and bikini. Because of the new routes to Malta, Naples, Valencia and Corfu, Ryanair is going on a sun offensive. Also new from Memmingen next year is Krakow, Poland.

The outlook for the 2023 summer flight schedule is literally sunny. The new route from Memmingen to Naples from March 26 is an attractive addition. “This will make us even more attractive for vacationers to Italy,” emphasizes Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. This is because the popular vacation destination can be reached from Memmingen on numerous routes. Twice a week, there are non-stop flights to Italy’s third-largest city. One day later, on March 27, the route from Memmingen to Malta is starting. The sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea is becoming increasingly popular for German vacationers. Twice a week Ryanair connects Malta International Airport with Memmingen. Back on the flight schedule is Valencia, Spain, which will be served by flights from Memmingen on Mondays and Thursdays from March 27. Every Friday, starting March 31, there will be a nonstop flight to Corfu, one of the greenest islands in Greece.

The new destination Krakow is also ideal for a city trip. Poland’s second largest city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1978, and since 2013 it has held the title of UNESCO City of Literature. In 2000 Krakow was the European Capital of Culture. From March 28 Ryanair flies twice a week to the neighboring country. “With this new route,” says Marcel Schütz, “we are also creating an air bridge for all those who want to visit friends and relatives in both countries, as well as for exciting city trips.”

All flights are already bookable.

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FR WinterWinter flight schedule & third Ryanair base aircraft

Winter flight schedule & third Ryanair base aircraft

Winter can come. Whether you spend it on skis or rather in swimming trunks and bikini. Memmingen Airport offers both inclination groups numerous travel options in its new winter flight schedule, which starts on Sunday, October 30th. New is the Canary Island Lanzarote. The airline Ryanair, which is heading for a record year, also celebrates its premiere by stationing a third aircraft at Memmingen Airport for the first time.

Dive into the winter or out of snow and ice: The new flight schedule offers numerous sun destinations that can be reached non-stop from Memmingen. This ranges from Paphos in Cyprus and Tel Aviv to Sicily, which offers two routes with Palermo and Catania, and on to the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal. Besides Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Memmingen will also be connected to Lanzarote from November 5th. Every Saturday Ryanair flies nonstop to the sun. A third machine, newly stationed in Memmingen, provides the necessary capacity for this. “Those who want to travel again this winter will find numerous attractive and also new options with us,” explains airport managing director Ralf Schmid. City trips to London, Dublin, Porto or Riga are still worthwhile. An insider tip is Jordan, which can be reached quickly with a nonstop flight to the capital Amman. The extensive range of services in Eastern Europe, which mostly is covered by Wizz Air, also offers numerous opportunities for discovery and makes it easier for many to visit friends and relatives and to work in Germany.

“In winter, however, we continue to be the airport of the winter sportsman,” Schmid reports. Skiing enthusiasts from the United Kingdom as well as visitors from Eastern Europe appreciate the short distance to the Allgäu or the neighboring mountain regions. Traveling in the opposite direction are vacationers from Southern Germany who visit Finland and Norway with tour operators during the cold season and whose charter flights depart from Memmingen.

Memmingen Airport is heading for a new record year. In the first nine months of this year, it already counted 1,472,446 passengers. Compared to 2019, when 1,308,368 passengers flew to and from Memmingen, this is an increase of 12.5 percent. That year, the airport achieved its previous record result with 1.72 million passengers. Those responsible are certain that this mark will probably fall before the end of the year.

Winter flight schedule

Winter destinations Memmingen Airport

From Memmingen to Europe and beyond. The destinations of the new winter flight schedule 2022/23.

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Wizz Air2This summer vacation breaks all records

This summer vacation breaks all records

In the period from July 29 to September 12, were 326,738 passengers counted. This represents an 18 percent increase in comparison to summer of 2019 with 277,122 passengers, which was still unclouded by Corona. Compared to the 2021 summer vacation, this results to an increase of 43 percent. “We’ve never had a record summer like this,” emphasizes airport CEO Ralf Schmid. The reasons, he says, are varied. “Above all, there was an immense desire for vacation and travel,” he explains. This affected both the classic sun and vacation destinations as well as visits to friends and relatives, which are particularly important on routes to Eastern Europe. “Many people had not seen their loved ones for two years,” Schmid reports. However, the constantly growing range of attractive routes also contributes to the rate of increase. His conclusion: “We are one of the few German airports that has left the pre-crisis level behind and is on a clear growth path.” In total, more than 1.3 million people have already flown to and from Memmingen this year by the end of the summer vacations.

On peak days, up to 8,000 passengers were handled at Memmingen Airport. “This was an enormous challenge for our team, but they did a great job”, Schmid reports. “A big thank you for that!” On all flights, the capacity had reached a peak of almost 90 percent. Most of the passengers flew to Mallorca, followed by Sofia and Pristina. The routes to Porto, Calvi on Corsica and Alicante were the busiest and most in demand. The airline Ryanair also welcomed its eight millionth passenger from Memmingen during the summer vacation.

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Wizz-Air-VorfeldMemmingen Airport leaves Corona far behind

Memmingen Airport leaves Corona far behind

Memmingen Airport News

Press Info, 01.06.2022

Memmingen Airport leaves Corona far behind


More passengers at Whitsun than before the pandemic

Memmingen Airport has put the issue of Corona behind it for the time being. This is evidenced by the expected passenger figures for the upcoming Whitsun vacations. According to the figures, around 100,000 passengers will travel to and from Memmingen during the two vacation weeks, significantly exceeding the figures for the (pre-Corona) year 2019.

“This means we have reached and exceeded pre-crisis levels faster than any other airport in Bavaria and southern Germany,” explains Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. “Our position as the leading low-cost airport in southern Germany has thus been consolidated.” Full house at Whitsun corresponds to around 570 aircraft movements and up to 18 departures per day at Memmingen during the two vacation weeks. Before Corona, they recorded 91,000 passengers and 542 aircraft movements during the same period in 2019. In the previous year, only around 32,000 passengers landed and took off due to the pandemic.

In demand during the Whitsun vacations are all warm-water destinations around the Mediterranean, but also European metropolises such as London and Barcelona, as well as insider tips such as Riga, Pisa and Billund. Destinations in Eastern Europe are in high demand for visits to relatives and friends as well as for vacation trips. Here, a premiere will be celebrated next Friday: the new connection to Kukës in northern Albania will begin operations and will be served twice a week by Wizz Air in the future. Currently, five airlines are serving Memmingen passengers: Ryanair and Wizz Air have the most destinations. They are joined by Eurowings, Corendon and Avanti.

Due to the good booking situation, airport officials advise passengers to plan enough time for their departure at the airport. In addition, travelers should inform themselves in advance about the regulations in their country of destination and fill out any documents that may still be required. It is also advisable to book a parking space at the airport online in advance.

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AdobeStock_129822285_webLast minute to the Easter bunny

Last minute to the Easter bunny

Flights from Memmingen still available for Last-minute travellers
Around 90,000 passengers will use Memmingen Airport for a trip during the upcoming Easter holidays. This means that the airport reaches the pre-Corona level of 2019. There are good news for those making a late decision: there are still free seats among the 48 current connections, so that a Last-minute Easter vacation is possible.
Relaxing days at the beach or an interesting city stroll as well as visits to relatives and friends are at the top of the list of wishes for the upcoming Easter vacations. “Many have already booked their trips early”, explains Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. “However, there are still routes available for a Last-minute trip to see the Easter Bunny.” Those who want to visit Master Lamp in Italy can visit Coniglietto di Pasqua, as he is known at our southern neighbors, with flights from Memmingen to Pisa, Pescara or Lamezia Terme. Ryanair still offers free seats for nonstop flights to Bella Italia. With other destinations such as Brindisi, Palermo, Catania and Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Memmingen has a very comprehensive extensive Italy offer. Spain also promises plenty of sun. The new connection to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest invites passengers to discover Galicia and to contemplate on the Jakobs-Weg.
Those who prefer the far north should consider Billund as a travel destination. The largest tourist attraction in the danish city is the internationally famous Legoland amusement park. But also the proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea makes the South Jutland region a popular tourist destination.
An impressive city trip promises Riga, the capital of Latvia. Famous for its art nouveau buildings and the well-preserved old town. It also proves to be an ideal starting point for a round trip through the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mallorca from May
People who does not want or must travel during the Easter vacations, can choose one of the most popular destinations of the Germans afterwards:
From 3 May it goes non-stop from Memmingen to Mallorca with Eurowings. The trip to the island is possible on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Seats are still available. But thanks to Ryanair, flights are also available before then.
With up to 13 flights per week, Mallorca is one of the top destinations this year from Memmingen.

Two hours before departure
Marcel Schütz advises all travelers to plan enough time for departure at the airport. “Two hours should be the minimum.” Because it is still necessary to check the respective entry forms. Travelers should inform themselves in advance about the regulations in their destination country and fill out the necessary documents. It is also a great advantage to book an airport parking space online in advance.

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Eurowings_A320_Runway_Action_sFrom May with Eurowings to Mallorca

From May with Eurowings to Mallorca

Memmingen Airport expands services for holidaymakers
The summer vacations are approaching – and with them the popular vacation island of Mallorca.
From May 3, Memmingen Airport will be getting three more Mallorca flights per week – and a new flight partner in Eurowings.

The need to catch up on sun, beach and sea after the strenuous Corona months is huge. Mallorca as a travel destination is at the top of many people’s vacation plans. From Memmingen, there is another nonstop connection to the Balearic island now. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings is offering three new flights a week from Memmingen starting May 3. Ripe for the island is one with Eurowings on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

With a total of 13 Mallorca flights per week, Memmingen Airport now offers an attractive air bridge to the popular vacation island. “We are pleased to strengthen our position as southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport and to be able to further expand with our partner Eurowings“, emphasizes Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. The booking situation for Mallorca is already very good, and the new offer is sure to quickly meet with great demand. The Mallorca flights can already be booked with Eurowings and at the travel agency.

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20220317_Flugziele-Sommer-22_neuSummer starts next Sunday

Summer starts next Sunday

New flight schedule with new destinations and more service for passengers

According to the calendar, spring has only just begun, but at Memmingen Airport, summer already starts next Sunday (27 March). The summer flight schedule, which comes into effect on that day, already urgently requires the purchase of a bikini, swimming trunks and suntan oil. After all, it offers sea, beach and sunshine, four new destinations, a new airline partner and more service for passengers on departure.

Memmingen Airport currently has a total of 54 destinations to offer this summer. The wide-ranging route network extends from Alghero on Sardinia to Zadar on the Croatian Adriatic coast. For friends of the southern way of life, Ryanair presents new delicacies: Pisa and Pescara in Italy and Santiago de Compostela in Spain. As before, many routes lead to well-known holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and beyond. Greece is represented with Thessaloniki and the islands of Rhodes and Crete. While Ryanair flies to Chania on Crete, the airline Corendon offers Heraklion as a destination there. Corendon is also represented this summer with Antalya in Turkey and Hurghada in Egypt. Sicily is also on offer twice. Ryanair flies to Palermo, Wizz Air to Catania. Wizz Air traditionally covers Eastern Europe with numerous routes this summer. Kukes in northern Albania is a new addition.
Among the airline partners that rely on Memmingen Airport, Eurowings is represented for the first time this summer. The airline, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, will be connecting Memmingen with Mallorca three times a week from May. This means that the airport will have a total of 13 Mallorca flights a week this summer, as Ryanair also flies to the Balearic island, in some cases several times a day. The weekly flight from Memmingen to Calvi on Corsica, which the tour operator Rhomberg will be offering its guests from 29 May, also promises a stone’s throw away from the sun. Globalis, a specialist for guided adventure tours, is back in Memmingen and organising three trips to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey in cooperation with the airline Blue Islands.

New service: Self Bag Drop
“After two pandemic years, despite all the current crises, there is a strong need for holidays and relaxation,” reports Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. “The airlines have already reacted to this and expanded their offerings.” This summer, Ryanair is significantly increasing the number of flights to Zadar, Brindisi and Girona near Barcelona in Spain. In order to be able to start the holidays carefree, the airport managers have introduced a new service: For all Wizzair and soon also Ryanair passengers who have already checked in online and have a boarding pass, there is now the option of “Self Bag Drop” in the terminal. Here you can simply drop off your luggage and do not have to queue at the check-in counter. This saves time – but in general, passengers should not plan too tightly, especially during the holiday season. “Our check-in counters open at least two hours before departure,” explains Ralf Schmid. For those arriving by car, he has another tip ready: “Book the parking space of your choice online in advance.” Otherwise, it could happen in the high season that the parking space of your choice is already occupied.

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