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To the Red Sea on Monday

FTI started their new Egypt offer from Memmingen.

Many passengers looked forward to warm temperatures, sunshine and the beach when they boarded the first flight to Hurghada in Egypt with tour operator FTI.

Beach tourist can be excited about the continuously growing offer of sun destination from Memmingen. Hurghada perfectly adds up to the popular destinations around the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and on the Canaries. Once a week on Monday FlyEgypt flies for FTI nonstop to the touristic Hotspot at the Red Sea. “We are very pleased that Europe’s fourth largest tour operator decided for Memmingen Airport” tells Sales Director Marcel Schütz. Until October 22nd tourist can enjoy the huge number of activities, like skin-diving, Kiteboarding, golf, wellness or shopping in one of the many resorts.

FTI is known to be an expert for Egypt trips and has one of the most extensive offers for years now. Booking possible on,, or in your travel agency.

FMM to HRG. Sales Director Marcel Schütz and colleague Julia Baumann welcome the first flight in a matching beach look, while the airplane enters through a water christening.

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New: Four times a week to Katowice

First flight to Silesia by Wizz Air

Poland has been on the wish list for a while and now there are two destinations from Memmingen to the neighbor country, as the first flight to Katowice took off today (Wed June 20th).

Warsaw is listed on the timetable in Memmingen since October 2017 and now Wizz Air added Katowice to their offer. Four times a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – a plane leaves towards the 300.000 citizen city in Silesia. Situated about 300 km southwest from Warsaw, Katowice is one of the most important industrial locations of Poland and many regional companies have branches there. It used to be mining and heavy industry that were the focus of the area; now services and IT are the dominating industries.
“Katowice is an ideal match to our offer in Eastern Europe” said Sales Director Marcel Schütz, who welcomed the crew. “There is rarely any other airport in Southern Germany with a wide range of Eastern Europe destinations comparable with ours”.
Many historic and private relations between Silesia and the Southwest of Germany may be maintained with this new route. The connection is also important for touristic and business matters as Katowice is just an hour distant to the famous Krakow.

A welcome from the heart. Franziska Spannagel and Macel Schütz welcome the crew of the first flight to Katowice with a ginger bread heart.

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Passenger record during Pentecost

34.6 percent more passenger to the prior year.

Once more Memmingen Airport proofed itself as ideal starting point for a successful vacation. With an overall capacity utilization of 90.3 percent during the Pentecost holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, 34.6 percent more passengers than in the year 2017 took off to popular beach destinations and city trips.

When in the past year 53.281 flight passengers used the wide offer of destinations around the holidays, the number went up to 71.733 in 2018 – a rise of 34.6 percent. City trips to London, Kiev and Sibiu were just as popular as the sunny destinations Malaga, Tenerife, Palermo and Palma, that had a workload of over 95 percent. The flight plan of Memmingen has also been much enhanced by the new summer routes to the Bulgarian black sea destinations Burgas and Varna, Zadar in Croatia and the Greek capital Athens.

“Our offer is simply right and attracts not only regular guests from southern Germany and the bordering countries.” Say Sales Director Marcel Schütz happily about the rise. “With Hurghada in Egypt, polish Katowice and the currently announced flight to Antalya by Corendon Airlines, we have even more attractive destinations coming up for the summer break and after.”

Besides the attractive offer, low-priced parking and short ways at the airport contributed to the rise of demand.

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Nonstop to Antalya

Twice a Week during the summer break

Completely legal: there are low priced flights even during the school break.
Besides the numerous beach destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, Memmingen Airport will once again offer a route to Turkey. Between the 2nd of August and September 10th Corendon Airlines will fly each Monday and Thursday to Antalya. “The offer is especially attractive for families with schoolkids” says Sales Director Marcel Schütz. “It makes an illegal early start during school time unnecessary”. Tickets can be purchased in packages as well as single tickets. Traveler friendly departure times in the morning and late afternoon allow a relaxed arrival at Memmingen Airport.

You can book flights or package holidays at TUI Reisecenter and l’tur Reise-Shop at the airport terminal, as well as established tour operators and every travel agency.

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To the plane by bus

Offer in Memmingen is distinctly expanded

The connection of bus and plane at Memmingen Airport becomes more and more frequented, as coach provider Flixbus extends its offer in Memmingen. Up to eleven times a day the green bus heads for the airport now. The route to Freiburg has been enlarged, with stops in Wangen, Ravensburg, Meersburg and Überlingen, as well as towards Bamberg passing Munich, Nurnberg and Erlangen. Allgäu Tourists may take Bus 186 to Oberstdorf every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More destinations can be reached by transferring to other lines.

But not only Flixbus offers a fast transfer between Memmingen and Munich. The Allgäu Airport Express rotates nonstop from Munich Central Station directly to the terminal several times a day, adapted to the flight schedule. The driving time is 80 minutes. An easy and fast transfer from Memmingen train station is provided by the Memmingen Airport City Shuttle. The bus fare is included in the train ticket if booked to Allgäu Airport.

Overview Bus and Train

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Start new connection to Athens

Just in time for the start of the travel time Ryanair took on Saturday his newest connection from Memmingen to Athens with numerous good-humored passengers on board of the Boeing 737-800. The Irish airline Ryanair had booked the first flight to the Greek capital. “Athens completes our offer in Southeast Europe very well,” emphasized Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. Always on Saturday and Tuesday, the new route is now on the flight schedule, which offers both non-stop and business travelers a nonstop flight. Athens and its landmark, the Acropolis, are suitable both for a city trip and for a long trip to Greece. But also the Greeks living in Southern Germany and the neighboring countries as well as their friends and relatives on site get a new attractive flight connection.

Flights can be booked at

Flowers and a sweet present for the crew of the first flight from Memmingen to Athens.

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60 minutes to the sea

First flight with Ryanair from Memmingen to Zadar

By car it would be a 10 hours and 880 kilometer ride. By plane the same distance only takes about one hour – and just like that you find yourself in Zadar at the Dalmatian coast, the latest summer destination of Memmingen Airport. Yesterday evening passengers could find the connection to Croatia for the first time on the airport boards.

The first flight was almost fully booked, as many passengers took this chance to exchange daily life for a quick and inexpensive trip to the sun, beach and the Mediterranean Sea. Flights three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, make a flexible vacation planning possible – from short trips to longer round trips. Zadar is the ideal destination, not only for a beach and island vacation, but also for sailors and nature lovers, who will enjoy the numerous national parks of the area. Zadar adds to the sunny destination that can be reached from Memmingen, following classics like Mallorca, Tenerife, Antalya and Malaga, as well as insider, for example Varna and Burgas at the Bulgarian black sea coast. New in the flight plan is also Hurghada, Egypts famous bathing spot, which will start on July 2nd.

Warm arrival at Memmingen Airport. The crew of the first fligth to Zadar is welcomed by airport staff with a little refreshment

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New in October: Banja Luka

Ryanair connects Memmingen with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka is the latest Eastern European destination from Memmingen. Ryanair will start their new route to the city in Bosnia and Herzegovina at October 30th.

Banja Luka, located in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is with about 185.000 citizens the second largest city and center of the economically strongest area of the country. “This destination is perfectly tying up to our other routes to Eastern Europe, making the offer from Memmingen even wider and more attractive” explains Sales Director Marcel Schütz. Tuzla, the second Bosnian destination, has been an established destination from Memmingen for some time now. Flights to Banja Luka will start 30th of October, each Tuesday and Saturday. Tickets are available now at Ryanair. Banja Luka is the fifth destination Ryanair is starting from Memmingen by fall, following Marrakesh, Brindisi, Edinburgh and Lviv.

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34.5 percent more passengers in the first quarter

In total, 294,126 passengers flew to and from Memmingen in the first three months of 2018. This represents an increase of 34.5 percent compared to the first quarter of 2017, when 218,689 passengers were counted. “We are on the fast lane,” says airport manager Ralf Schmid. “The figures show that our offer is correct and met with a great response among passengers from all over southern Germany and the neighboring countries.” In addition to the attractive destinations, low-cost parking and the short distances provided by the airport were responsible for the increased demand. “In the meantime,” says Schmid, “more and more regulars have declared Memmingen their favorite airport.”
Also in terms of capacity utilization, the airport was able to grow again. The average utilization in the first quarter was 85.23 percent (previous year: 82.65 percent). In the first quarter of 2018, most passengers again decided for London, which traditionally occupies the top position in Memmingen. Followed by Moscow, Kiev, Sofia and Porto. The destination with the best capacity utilization was Tenerife with a rate of 91.72 percent. Followed by the connections to Skopje, Moscow, Malaga and Kiev.
Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid expects a new passenger record for the current year. “We will probably welcome around 1.4 million passengers.” Numerous new routes will also help to make the flight schedule even more attractive. Zadar in Croatia, Athens, Polish Katowice and the Egyptian Hurghada are further summer destinations. In winter Marrakech, Brindisi, Edinburgh and Lviv (Ukraine) are added.


Source:  Memmingen Airport

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Twice a week to sunny beach

Ryanair started their new route from Memmingen to Burgas

Why not spending Easter at the black sea in Bulgaria? That was the mindset of 188 passengers who took the first flight from Memmingen to Burgas this morning (Tuesday 27th of March). With a full airplane did Ryanair launch the new route to the Bulgarian vacation spot, the second summer destination in Bulgaria, following Varna, with a rising number of guests.

Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, is located in a bay of the black sea, surrounded by national parks. The so-called sunny beach is a popular destination for families and became an inexpensive alternative to the Mediterranean Sea in the last few years. At the ten kilometer long promenade you can find many hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants.

“We are certain that Burgas will be a highly demanded destination, as Varna has been very popular as well.” said airport sales director Marcel Schütz, when welcoming the crew of the maiden flight. It is a well-known tradition that the first crew receives a sweet surprise. The fact that the first flight is almost fully booked shows, that the new routes is a perfect addition the Airport Memmingens offer.

The flights will leave Memmingen twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday at 12:55 am and in return from Burgas at 11:10 am.

The next sunny premiere will be on May 8th, when Ryanair takes off to Zadar, Croatia for the first time.

Sweet arrival at Memmingen Airport: Sales director Marcel Schütz, college Franziska Spannagel and Ryanair marketing assistant Denis Barabas welcome the first flight crew with a Bavarian styled ginger bread heard

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