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Start Winter timetable 2017/18

With 29 destinations, the winter timetable 2017/18 at Memmingen Airport starts next Sunday (29th of October 2018). There have been never before – in the now ten-year history of the airport – so many destinations during a winter season.

The opening of the Ryanair base at Memmingen airport provided a further growth. Wizz Air is also continuously expanding the range of services and exclusively serving all-year destinations.

The winter timetable 2017/18 includes classics such as London, Moscow and Faro. From A like Alicante to V like Vilnius the offer is best suited for city and holiday trips and visits with friends and relatives. Numerous ski tourists from all over Europe, who use Memmingen as an ideal hub, are expected to explore the winter sport resorts of the Allgäu, Austria and Switzerland. Also part of the winter timetable are the new Ryanair destinations: Fèz in Morocco, Seville, Thessaloniki, Stockholm, Warsaw and Oradea in western Romania. Also the popular connection to Palma de Mallorca is now offered in winter.

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New from Memmingen Airport: Burgas and Athen

Anyone who is already planning his summer holiday 2018 will be given further sunny destinations: Burgas and Athen.

Twice a week Ryanair offers from the end of March flights to Burgas on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. And from 12th of May also twice a week Ryanair planes take off to Athen – the Greek capital.
Destinations are bookable on .

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Ryanair opens new Memmingen base

The Irish airline Ryanair today (5th of September) opened its new base at Memmingen, its tenth base in Germany, with one based aircraft and 35 Ryanair employees, who have also found new home in Memmingen and its surroundings. In winter 2017/18 and summer 2018 six new routes to Fez, Oradea, Seville, Stockholm, Thessaloniki and Warsaw, as well as extra flights to Palma de Mallorca and Alicante are launched.
Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair, had arrived from Dublin for the opening to celebrate an even closer relationship between airline and airport together with airport manager Ralf Schmid. The new routes will deliver about 860,000 passengers p.a. that is why more than 1.1 million passengers are expected in 2018.

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Memmingen Airport hit new passenger records

In the first four months of this year, Memmingen Airport breaks its own passenger records with 319,046 passengers.
“This is an absolute record in our almost 10-year history” says Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. “The annual forecast 2017 remains at 1.1 million passengers and in the current financial year we are optimistic in view of its stability and a balanced operating result. We should be able to liquidate debts of currently 8 million Euros which will decrease the interest rate significantly.”

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Ryanair launches new Memmingen Airport base

The Irish airline Ryanair is stationing an aircraft (an investment of $100m) at Memmingen Airport and serves seven new routes with the start of the winter timetable 2017/18 to the Moroccan Fez, Lviv in Ukraine, Oradea in the west of Romania, Seville in the south of Spain, the Swedish capital Stockholm Skavsta, Thessaloniki in Greece and the Polish capital Warsaw.

The popular connection to Palma de Mallorca will be offered in winter as well. Thus it will be Ryanairs biggest ever Memmingen Airport winter schedule with 17 routes in total which will help deliver 825,000 customers p.a. as Ryanair grows its Memmingen Airport traffic by almost 40 %. Already by now record bookings from and to Memmingen for the coming summer 2017 can be recorded.

Memmingen Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid says: “This strong commitment of Ryanair at Memmingen Airport makes our offer even better. It is also a confirmation of the hard work that our team did over the past 10 years as well as a reward for the courage of our founding partners. Furthermore, it is an important sign of trust towards those in charge at Memmingen Airport and our local politicians. Our partner is expecting a quick development of the airport and trusts the involved political parties that actions will follow their promises and that they will support the planned construction. The increased activity of Ryanair in Memmingen secures double digit growth rates in the next two years and is important for the local tourism industry.”

Flights are bookable at .

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New from Memmingen Airport: Fez and Thessaloniki

Ryanair expands its timetable with two more destinations: Fez and Thessaloniki.

Spring has not yet begun, as the next winter timetable at the Memmingen Airport records further news. Recently Warsaw and Seville were added as new destinations and now the airline Ryanair expands its flight network from Memmingen: From the end of October 2017 it goes twice a week to the Moroccan Fez and to Thessaloniki in Greece.

The second largest city in Greece has already been successfully served in 2008 and 2009 from Memmingen. “Since then we had the destination in focus” explains Airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. “The connection is very interesting both for tourists and for Greek families in Germany.” Due to the unstable political situation of Turkey, Greece is experiencing a tourist boom.

Morocco as well was represented in the Memmingen flight timetable 2013 and 2014 with Marrakech. From October 2017 it goes twice a week to Fez, the third largest city with a population of about one million. “Fez is the ideal starting point for individual travelers who want to explore the country”, emphasizes Marcel Schütz.

The two new destinations – as well as all other Ryanair destinations of the winter timetable 2017/18 – will be bookable in the next days. The start of the winter timetable is the 29th of October 2017.

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From October with Ryanair to Seville and to Warsaw

East, as well as Southern Europe: Two new destinations from Memmingen Airport. From October 2017 Ryanair flies three times a week to the Polish capital Warsaw and twice a week to Seville in the South of Spain.
“Poland has long been on our wish list,” emphasizes Memmingen Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. The new connection to Warsaw Airport Modlin is an important bridge between Southern Germany and the neighbouring country. Holiday-maker, city-traveller, businessmen as well as visiting friends and relatives – the spectrum is immensely large. The Warsaw Airport Modlin is located northwest of the city. The transfer time by bus takes up to 45 minutes to the city center.
With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Sevilla is the fourth largest city of Spain and capital of the autonomous region of Andalusia. “With this route we will round up our offer to the Iberian peninsula and offer the possibility of interesting journeys through Spain and Portugal, “explains Ralf Schmid.
The two new destinations are bookable – as are all the other destinations of the winter flight schedule 2017/18 – from the end of February. Start of the winter flight schedule is 29th of October 2017.

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Balance 2016: Record at the airport Memmingen

996,714 passengers represent a plus of 12.8 percent

With the best result of its corporate history, the Allgäu Airport Memmingen has started its anniversary year. This year, the million-mark is to be cracked.

Before the 10th anniversary of civil aviation at the airport Memmingen will be celebrated in summer, there are already positive news. “We were able to continue our upward trend from the previous year impressively,” explains Allgäu Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid.

Responsible for this development is the expanded flight offer, which is mainly supported by the airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air. But also more and more charter and holiday flights are positive in the balance 2016. The connection Memmingen-Moscow of the Russian airline Pobeda, launched in March, also provided further growth impulses. “Eastern Europe has become an important market for us,” says Schmid, “in which real growth can still be achieved.”

Numerous special flights during the Christmas holiday provided an additional offer of nearly 10,000 seats.

The 31 destinations of the timetable summer 2017 are already bookable.

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From July 2017 with Wizz Air to Varna to the Slatni Pjassazi

The Allgäu Airport Memmingen will be able to offer a new sunshine destination upcoming year. From 22nd of July 2017 Wizz Air flies twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, to Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Tourist center is the so-called “Slatni”, a 3.5 kilometer long coastal section in the middle of the national park of the same name. The seaside resort, 17 kilometers north of the city Varna, is known worldwide.

“With Montenegro last summer and with the Black Sea coast coming year, we are offering new, inexpensive sun destinations,” says Allgäu Airport sales manager Marcel Schütz.
The tourism infrastructure on site has been modernized in recent years. The pleasant climate with a maximum of 27 degrees in summer is ideal.

Tickets are available now from 19.99 Euro at Numerous package deals are also available at well-known tour operators and travel agencies.

Source: Allgäu Airport

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Tenth winter schedule starts with 22 destinations

In its tenth winter schedule Allgäu Airport Memmingen continues to build continuity. In total there are 22 destinations. Compared to previous winter significantly more flights are offered.

So Wizz Air increased its capacity over the previous year by 60 percent. Also Ryanair has once again increased by eight percent. And new this winter is the Moscow connection by the Russian airline Pobeda. “This is the strongest winter schedule we ever had,” says Memmingen Airport CEO Ralf Schmid.

“More and more skiers from Eastern Europe discover Memmingen airport as an ideal hub for a ski holiday in the Alps,” explains CEO Ralf Schmid.

Furthermore, the winter schedule includes classic sun destinations such as Tenerife, Alicante, Faro, Malaga and Palermo in Sicily. Great popularity enjoys the cities of Porto, Dublin and London.

Complete journeys and exciting city trips starting at Memmingen airport can be booked at the travel portal with attractive offers.

Winter schedule 2016/17

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