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Flughafen Memmingen-Passagiere vor MaschineStart winter flight schedule

Start winter flight schedule

From A for Alicante to Z for Zagreb: Memmingen Airport’s new winter flight schedule, which comes into force on October 29th, offers a total of 43 attractive destinations. The offer ranges from popular sun destinations, which always make a comeback in winter, to European capitals and routes in Eastern Europe, which for many people represent a bridge to relatives, friends and the workplace in Germany.
When autumn and winter knock on the door, Memmingen Airport offers numerous sunny alternatives: the Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife are back on the flight schedule. The islands of Cyprus and Sicily, which can be reached by flights to both Palermo and Catania, also promise sunny prospects. Four times a week flights to Mallorca and twice each to the Jordanian capital Amman and to Tel Aviv in Israel are on offer. From November 4th, the Egyptian holiday center Hurghada is on the new schedule, which TUI will serve with travel packages from Memmingen until the beginning of May next year.
“In total, we expect around a million passengers on 43 routes this winter,” explains airport managing director Ralf Schmid. Last winter there were around 810,000 passengers on 41 routes. “The increase is primarily due to the fact that our airlines have increased frequency on many routes due to high demand,” he reports. The mix of destinations is one of Memmingen Airport’s recipes for success, which helped it quickly and successfully overcome the Corona low.

winter flight schedule

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RomeRome celebrates a comeback: Wizz Air flies to the Eternal City starting in September

Rome celebrates a comeback: Wizz Air flies to the Eternal City starting in September

Rome is back! From September, Memmingen Airport will once again be connected to the Italian capital, thanks to a new route offered by Wizz Air.
From September 5, the Eternal City will once again be a little closer to the Allgäu Region. Fiumicino Airport will then be served non-stop by the airline Wizz Air twice a week – on Tuesday and Saturday – and tickets are already available. „We are very pleased that Rome will once again appear on our flight schedule,“ emphasizes Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. Already in the early years of Memmingen Airport, the Italian capital was one of the most popular destinations. After all, the metropolis is a perennial tourist attraction. Wizz Air, which mainly serves destinations in Eastern Europe from Memmingen, has been expanding its activities in Italy for some time now, also connecting Memmingen with Catania in Sicily. In addition, Ryanair serves Palermo, Naples, Brindisi, Pisa and Lamezia Terme. With that, Memmingen Airport will have an attractive range of services to Italy in the coming summer.

More destinations

According to an ancient legend, the city of Rome was founded 753 BC.

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AdobeStock_129822285_webLast minute to the Easter bunny

Last minute to the Easter bunny

Flights from Memmingen still available for Last-minute travellers
Around 90,000 passengers will use Memmingen Airport for a trip during the upcoming Easter holidays. This means that the airport reaches the pre-Corona level of 2019. There are good news for those making a late decision: there are still free seats among the 48 current connections, so that a Last-minute Easter vacation is possible.
Relaxing days at the beach or an interesting city stroll as well as visits to relatives and friends are at the top of the list of wishes for the upcoming Easter vacations. “Many have already booked their trips early”, explains Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. “However, there are still routes available for a Last-minute trip to see the Easter Bunny.” Those who want to visit Master Lamp in Italy can visit Coniglietto di Pasqua, as he is known at our southern neighbors, with flights from Memmingen to Pisa, Pescara or Lamezia Terme. Ryanair still offers free seats for nonstop flights to Bella Italia. With other destinations such as Brindisi, Palermo, Catania and Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Memmingen has a very comprehensive extensive Italy offer. Spain also promises plenty of sun. The new connection to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest invites passengers to discover Galicia and to contemplate on the Jakobs-Weg.
Those who prefer the far north should consider Billund as a travel destination. The largest tourist attraction in the danish city is the internationally famous Legoland amusement park. But also the proximity to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea makes the South Jutland region a popular tourist destination.
An impressive city trip promises Riga, the capital of Latvia. Famous for its art nouveau buildings and the well-preserved old town. It also proves to be an ideal starting point for a round trip through the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mallorca from May
People who does not want or must travel during the Easter vacations, can choose one of the most popular destinations of the Germans afterwards:
From 3 May it goes non-stop from Memmingen to Mallorca with Eurowings. The trip to the island is possible on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Seats are still available. But thanks to Ryanair, flights are also available before then.
With up to 13 flights per week, Mallorca is one of the top destinations this year from Memmingen.

Two hours before departure
Marcel Schütz advises all travelers to plan enough time for departure at the airport. “Two hours should be the minimum.” Because it is still necessary to check the respective entry forms. Travelers should inform themselves in advance about the regulations in their destination country and fill out the necessary documents. It is also a great advantage to book an airport parking space online in advance.

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Eurowings_A320_Runway_Action_sFrom May with Eurowings to Mallorca

From May with Eurowings to Mallorca

Memmingen Airport expands services for holidaymakers
The summer vacations are approaching – and with them the popular vacation island of Mallorca.
From May 3, Memmingen Airport will be getting three more Mallorca flights per week – and a new flight partner in Eurowings.

The need to catch up on sun, beach and sea after the strenuous Corona months is huge. Mallorca as a travel destination is at the top of many people’s vacation plans. From Memmingen, there is another nonstop connection to the Balearic island now. The Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings is offering three new flights a week from Memmingen starting May 3. Ripe for the island is one with Eurowings on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

With a total of 13 Mallorca flights per week, Memmingen Airport now offers an attractive air bridge to the popular vacation island. “We are pleased to strengthen our position as southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport and to be able to further expand with our partner Eurowings“, emphasizes Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. The booking situation for Mallorca is already very good, and the new offer is sure to quickly meet with great demand. The Mallorca flights can already be booked with Eurowings and at the travel agency.

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AdobeStock_215155638_kleinMore Bella Italia from Memmingen

More Bella Italia from Memmingen

From 28 March: Ryanair launches new routes to Pisa and Pescara

Bella Italia is coming a little closer again. From the end of March, Italy lovers will have two more opportunities to reach the country of their dreams non-stop from Memmingen Airport. Because Ryanair is now adding Pisa and Pescara to its programme.

Despite all odds, many people want to realise their long-delayed holiday dreams this year. “We have been feeling a great demand for flights to the sun for weeks now,” explains airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. Italy is also high on the list of popular holiday destinations. “We are all the more pleased,” says Schütz, “that with Pisa and Pescara we can now offer two more tourist heavyweights.” From 28 March, there will be non-stop flights from Memmingen with Ryanair every Monday and every Friday to the city, which is not only world-famous for its leaning tower. With the Galileo Galilei International Airport two kilometres south of the city centre, it also has the most important airport in central Italy and functions as an ideal starting point for trips through Tuscany, to Florence or to the nearby Ligurian Sea. On the other side of the boot, the port city of Pescara shines with its kilometre-long Adriatic beaches and the Abruzzi in the hinterland, which can be easily explored from here. The Ryanair flight will take off for the first time on 29 March from Memmingen to Pescara and will then operate every Tuesday and every Saturday.

From 27 March again to Sardinia

Sardinia is also a perennial favourite. That’s why Ryanair is reintroducing the connection from Memmingen to Alghero as of 27 March. Twice a week – on Wednesday and Sunday – there will be non-stop flights to the city on the west coast. Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, is expecting many guests to return this summer.
As already reported, Ryanair will be connecting Memmingen Airport with another place of longing from 27 March: Santiago de Compostela, the destination of St James’ pilgrims, will be on the flight schedule for the first time. The capital of Galicia in northwest Spain will be served twice a week (Sunday and Thursday).

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Airbus-A320-beim-Start_©-Allgäu-Airport-GmbH-Co.-KG_Fotograf_Tom-EngelMemmingen Airport as a hub for  Ukraine refugees

Memmingen Airport as a hub for Ukraine refugees

Wizz Air offers free flights from Romania

Memmingen Airport is preparing to become a hub for Ukrainian refugees. This is because the airline Wizz Air today held out the prospect of 100,000 free tickets for Ukrainians who want to fly out via neighbouring countries. There are currently seven routes between Romania and Memmingen that could be used in this way.

“We will do our utmost to support the offer of our airline partner to provide 100,000 tickets free of charge to Ukrainian refugees,” explains Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid. Flights from Suceava and Iaşi in particular, with their proximity to the Ukrainian border, are suitable for this. Memmingen Airport could become a hub in southern Germany. On the one hand, refugees can use the seven Romanian routes to Memmingen. On the other hand, the airline also offers special fares for 29.99 euros to those affected who want to travel from Memmingen to another European destination with Wizz Air.

Ukrainian refugees can book these flights at, Wizz Air announced. The 100,000 free seats and the special fares will be available throughout March. Travellers must provide their Ukrainian passport or ID card when booking and present it later at check-in. The city of Memmingen has set up a crisis team to support Ukrainian refugees on site. It also coordinates the aid for the Ukrainian twin city of Chernihiv.

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AdobeStock_48712740Memmingen Airport with new route to Kukës

Memmingen Airport with new route to Kukës

Kukës is the newest destination at Memmingen Airport. From 4th of June, Wizz Air will be connecting the Allgäu region with the city in northern Albania. This means that southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport now has two flight connections to Albania in addition to the route to the capital Tirana.

In recent years, two Albanian companies have invested in the expansion of Zayed-North Wings Kukës International Airport, which now has a modern terminal and an enlarged runway. The town of 17,000 inhabitants, which lies on the edge of a reservoir in which the original settlement sank, is considered a transport hub between Kosovo in the north and the capital Tirana in the south. From 4th of June, Wizz Air will connect Kukës with Memmingen twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday). “Since we already have routes to Tirana and Pristina, this new route complements our offer for this region in a meaningful way,” explains airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. Experts estimate the catchment area of Kukës airport at around 1.3 million people. The majority of passengers will probably come from Kosovo, which is about 20 minutes away.

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FMM Vorfeld 1 mit GepäckhalleWith a new record into the winter season

With a new record into the winter season

Memmingen Airport is starting the new winter season with a record, which begins with the flight schedule change at the end of October 2021. Because never before in the history of southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport have there been so many destinations during the cold season. A total of 44 flight connections are available.

The list, which ranges from A for Amman to Z for Zagreb, has been growning in recent weeks. “It´s the beginning of a new era after Corona”, says Managing Director Ralf Schmid and sums up the general mood among passengers and airlines. “In the last few weeks we already felt that there was a lot of catching up to do in terms of travel, which we can counter with an attractive offer this winter.”

Ryanair is starting the winter with six premieres, including Billund in Denmark, Lappeenranta in Finland and the Latvian capital Riga to the flight schedule. With Paphos on Cyprus, Lamezia Terme in Calabria and Gran Canaria, the airline is making new, sunny offers for those who want to escape grim weather and blowing snow. With Tenerife, which is also on Ryanair’s flight schedule, and Fuerteventura, which will be newly served by the airline Corendon, all three Canary Islands can now be reached non-stop from Memmingen. The Egyptian city of Hurghada, which Corendon serves from Memmingen, also promises plenty of sun.


New to Plovdiv

Memmingen Airport has added another destination to its traditionally excellent Eastern European offer: On November 9th, Wizz Air will launch a new flight connection from Memmingen to Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria and the location of numerous branches of German companies. After a break due to Corona, the airline Pobeda has also resumed its flights from Memmingen to Moscow.


More comfort

“With this record number of travel destinations, we are once again a very attractive hub for passengers from all over Europe this winter,” explains Managing Director Ralf Schmid. Here, seaside vacationers from southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet ski tourists from Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ukraine and Russia, who travel via Memmingen to the winter sports resorts of the Allgäu, Upper Bavaria and the neighboring Alpine regions. Added to this is the large number of relatives, friends and commuters who will make intensive use of Memmingen Airport, especially over the Christmas holidays. There, they can expect a bit more comfort. This is because the new baggage hall with arrival area makes flying to Memmingen even more attractive.


Those who want to plan for the long term can do this too. Numerous destinations in the summer flight schedule, which comes into effect on March 27, 2022, can already be booked.

An overview of all flight destinations can be found at


Fit for winter: The new baggage hall with arrival area (on the right in the picture) makes flying to and from Memmingen even more attractive.

picture: Memmingen Airport/Maximilian Mair

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20211005_Eröffnung GepäckhalleOpening of the new baggage hall with arrival area

Opening of the new baggage hall with arrival area

Further towards the future

With the opening of the new baggage hall with arrival area, Memmingen Airport took an important step towards the future. At the opening event, Bavaria’s Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer praised the commitment of southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport.

“It is quite impressive how successfully Allgäu Airport Memmingen has developed since the start of passenger flight operations in 2007. The airport established itself from the start,” explained Kerstin Schreyer, who was the guest of honor at the opening event.

“With the inauguration of the new hall with baggage handling and arrival area, the airport is making an important contribution to greater comfort, safety and security for its passengers. In my view, this is the right approach to make mobility attractive and sustainable. The Free State was happy to support this investment.”

Although the Corona pandemic last year also left its mark on Memmingen Airport, the signs here point to continued growth in the long term. “The summer holidays in particular have shown us,” explained Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid, “that the desire to travel and meet people remains unbroken.”

It was therefore necessary to adapt the infrastructure to the increasing number of passengers. The increased capacities at baggage control and reclaim as well as at the immigration checkpoints will reduce waiting times in the future. In addition, passengers will find it easier to keep the necessary distance in a larger area. A new hall with a floor space of around 2,300 square meters, which can handle up to 2,000 passengers per hour, was built in a 19-month construction period.

It is part of an extensive modernization project, the starting signal for which was given exactly three years ago when Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder broke ground on October 5, 2018. The airport has invested around three million euros in the new building, as well as in new baggage handling systems and the necessary control technology. The Free State of Bavaria has funded these investments with around 70 percent. In future, passengers from non-Schengen countries can be checked at five entry checkpoints on ten lines. The new baggage hall with arrivals area is already equipped for further growth. This is because additional traffic areas for passengers can be created on a second floor that has already been prepared.

Founding shareholder Gerhard Pfeifer also praised the new building as an important step into the future. Pfeifer recently took over as chairman of the Supervisory Board of Flughafen Memmingen GmbH. The Günzburg District Administrator Dr. Hans Reichhart was elected as his deputy.

Ready to go: Bavaria`s Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer opened the new terminal at Memmingen Airport.

picture: Memmingen Airport

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Start of the winter flight schedule

Memmingen Airport starts the winter season with 29 destinations on Sunday, October 25th. The winter flight schedule offers two new routes, but also has to accept reductions in its offer.

Wizz Air will start its new connections from Memmingen to Catania in Sicily and to Bacau in Northeast Romania. The city is the economic center of the Moldova region and the sixth Romanian destination that can be reached non-stop from Memmingen. As well, there are many classics such as London, Porto, Malaga or Tenerife and Larnaca on Cyprus. The Russian airline Pobeda is also planning to reopen the Memmingen-Moscow connection once a week. Dublin, Tel Aviv, Amman, Faro, Marrakech as well as Kutaisi, Banja Luka, Lviv and Ohrid are suspended for the time being.

After Ryanair announced that it would only serve 40 percent of the previous year’s offer this winter, the quota in Memmingen is much more positive with almost 50 percent. Nevertheless, the newly planned routes to Gyumri in Armenia and Lappeenranta in Finland will not be included in the route network for the time being. Wizz Air plans to operate 80 percent of the flights from the previous winter. The designation of further risk areas and the current pandemic development can lead to changes at short notice.

The implementation of extensive hygiene measures is now routine, both at the airport and on board of the aircraft. Due to modern filter systems in the aircraft, the risk of infection is generally considered to be very low. In addition, the airlines pay close attention to compliance with the regulations by passengers and crews. Travel planning is made easier by the website, which provides constant information on current travel restrictions.

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