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New from Memmingen Airport: Fez and Thessaloniki

Ryanair expands its timetable with two more destinations: Fez and Thessaloniki.

Spring has not yet begun, as the next winter timetable at the Memmingen Airport records further news. Recently Warsaw and Seville were added as new destinations and now the airline Ryanair expands its flight network from Memmingen: From the end of October 2017 it goes twice a week to the Moroccan Fez and to Thessaloniki in Greece.

The second largest city in Greece has already been successfully served in 2008 and 2009 from Memmingen. “Since then we had the destination in focus” explains Airport sales manager Marcel Schütz. “The connection is very interesting both for tourists and for Greek families in Germany.” Due to the unstable political situation of Turkey, Greece is experiencing a tourist boom.

Morocco as well was represented in the Memmingen flight timetable 2013 and 2014 with Marrakech. From October 2017 it goes twice a week to Fez, the third largest city with a population of about one million. “Fez is the ideal starting point for individual travelers who want to explore the country”, emphasizes Marcel Schütz.

The two new destinations – as well as all other Ryanair destinations of the winter timetable 2017/18 – will be bookable in the next days. The start of the winter timetable is the 29th of October 2017.