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New in October: Banja Luka

Ryanair connects Memmingen with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka is the latest Eastern European destination from Memmingen. Ryanair will start their new route to the city in Bosnia and Herzegovina at October 30th.

Banja Luka, located in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is with about 185.000 citizens the second largest city and center of the economically strongest area of the country. “This destination is perfectly tying up to our other routes to Eastern Europe, making the offer from Memmingen even wider and more attractive” explains Sales Director Marcel Schütz. Tuzla, the second Bosnian destination, has been an established destination from Memmingen for some time now. Flights to Banja Luka will start 30th of October, each Tuesday and Saturday. Tickets are available now at Ryanair. Banja Luka is the fifth destination Ryanair is starting from Memmingen by fall, following Marrakesh, Brindisi, Edinburgh and Lviv.