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Nonstop to Antalya

Twice a Week during the summer break

Completely legal: there are low priced flights even during the school break.
Besides the numerous beach destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, Memmingen Airport will once again offer a route to Turkey. Between the 2nd of August and September 10th Corendon Airlines will fly each Monday and Thursday to Antalya. “The offer is especially attractive for families with schoolkids” says Sales Director Marcel Schütz. “It makes an illegal early start during school time unnecessary”. Tickets can be purchased in packages as well as single tickets. Traveler friendly departure times in the morning and late afternoon allow a relaxed arrival at Memmingen Airport.

You can book flights or package holidays at TUI Reisecenter and l’tur Reise-Shop at the airport terminal, as well as established tour operators and every travel agency.