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Ryanair launches new Memmingen Airport base

The Irish airline Ryanair is stationing an aircraft (an investment of $100m) at Memmingen Airport and serves seven new routes with the start of the winter timetable 2017/18 to the Moroccan Fez, Lviv in Ukraine, Oradea in the west of Romania, Seville in the south of Spain, the Swedish capital Stockholm Skavsta, Thessaloniki in Greece and the Polish capital Warsaw.

The popular connection to Palma de Mallorca will be offered in winter as well. Thus it will be Ryanairs biggest ever Memmingen Airport winter schedule with 17 routes in total which will help deliver 825,000 customers p.a. as Ryanair grows its Memmingen Airport traffic by almost 40 %. Already by now record bookings from and to Memmingen for the coming summer 2017 can be recorded.

Memmingen Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid says: “This strong commitment of Ryanair at Memmingen Airport makes our offer even better. It is also a confirmation of the hard work that our team did over the past 10 years as well as a reward for the courage of our founding partners. Furthermore, it is an important sign of trust towards those in charge at Memmingen Airport and our local politicians. Our partner is expecting a quick development of the airport and trusts the involved political parties that actions will follow their promises and that they will support the planned construction. The increased activity of Ryanair in Memmingen secures double digit growth rates in the next two years and is important for the local tourism industry.”

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