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From A for Alicante to Z for Zagreb: Memmingen Airport’s new winter flight schedule, which comes into force on October 29th, offers a total of 43 attractive destinations. The offer ranges from popular sun destinations, which always make a comeback in winter, to European capitals and routes in Eastern Europe, which for many people represent a bridge to relatives, friends and the workplace in Germany.
When autumn and winter knock on the door, Memmingen Airport offers numerous sunny alternatives: the Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife are back on the flight schedule. The islands of Cyprus and Sicily, which can be reached by flights to both Palermo and Catania, also promise sunny prospects. Four times a week flights to Mallorca and twice each to the Jordanian capital Amman and to Tel Aviv in Israel are on offer. From November 4th, the Egyptian holiday center Hurghada is on the new schedule, which TUI will serve with travel packages from Memmingen until the beginning of May next year.
“In total, we expect around a million passengers on 43 routes this winter,” explains airport managing director Ralf Schmid. Last winter there were around 810,000 passengers on 41 routes. “The increase is primarily due to the fact that our airlines have increased frequency on many routes due to high demand,” he reports. The mix of destinations is one of Memmingen Airport’s recipes for success, which helped it quickly and successfully overcome the Corona low.

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