Barrier-free travel

We are happy to support you on your journey

Passengers with reduced mobility can also start their journey easily and conveniently at Memmingen Airport. Please inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent of the extent of the assistance you will require when making your booking.


In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important to register with your airline in good time. Please state the nature of your disability and the extent of the assistance you require when booking online or at the travel agency, or at the latest when collecting your ticket. The staff at the airport and at the airlines will be happy to help you. Ryanair offers special contact numbers for special assistance. You can find these here. Wizz Air passengers who are dependent on the use of a wheelchair must inform the Call Center when booking.


All facilities for the disabled are labelled with the familiar symbol. The arrivals and departures areas in the passenger terminal are equipped for the disabled. All facilities are also easily accessible for wheelchair users. Wheelchairs from “Sanitätshaus Gerstberger” in Memmingen are available free of charge in the terminal.

Parking facilities for guests with reduced mobility

You can stop for 10 minutes free of charge in the marked areas directly in front of the terminal. Parking spaces for guests with reduced mobility are specially marked in car park P1 near the terminal and in car parks P3 and P2.

Target agreement for people with disabilities

Memmingen Airport has reached an agreement with the Bavarian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Bayerischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenbund), the Swabian District Association for the Hearing Impaired (Hörgeschädigter Bezirksverband Schwaben) and the City of Memmingen’s representative for the disabled (Behindertenbeauftragter der Stadt Memmingen) to create and guarantee accessibility in the airport area. Target agreement for people with disabilities

International classifications

The following international classifications will help you to determine the degree of your mobility restriction with regard to your flight booking:

WCHC (Wheelchair Cabin Seat):This passenger always requires a wheelchair. This passenger is also unable to move around the cabin without assistance.
WCHS (Wheelchair Steps):This passenger cannot climb stairs, but can walk short distances.
WCHR (Wheelchair Ramp):This passenger usually does not need a wheelchair or only needs one to cover longer distances. This passenger can climb stairs independently.
BLND:Visually impaired or blind travellers.
DEAF:Deaf, hearing-impaired or deaf-mute travellers.
DEAF-BLND:Deaf travellers who are also blind.
DPNA (Disabled Passenger with Intellectual or Developmental Disability Needing Assistance):Passengers with mental disabilities (including passengers with mild dementia travelling alone)
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