Here you will find all the important information about your luggage. From baggage guidelines to tips on preparing your luggage, we have everything you need to know to make your journey a smooth one.

Lost and Found

If you lose your baggage, please contact our Lost & Found Service Team.Phone: +49 8331 9725 276E-mail:

Hand luggage

Hand luggage usually consists of just one small piece of luggage that can be taken into the aircraft cabin. Airlines have very different rules regarding the weight and number of items of baggage a passenger is allowed to take with them. Please contact your respective Airline directly for more information.Since 31 January 2014, there have been new regulations in place regarding the carriage of certain liquids in hand baggage when travelling by air.Liquid containers transported in hand baggage may not contain more than 100 ml and must be stored in a transparent, resealable bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre. Only one transparent bag may be carried per person. Medication is excluded from this regulation. For further information, please contact the respective airline or your travel agent.

Correct packing and preparations

  • Please stow all travelling items in your main luggage
  • Only the items that you absolutely need during the flight belong in your hand luggage
  • Make sure that you always have important documents and papers to hand
  • To avoid unpleasant situations at the security check, you should only take permitted items and articles with you
  • Always label the outside and inside of your luggage with your name and address

Lost items on the aircraft, lost luggage and damage

If you have lost items on the aircraft, your baggage has not arrived or you wish to make a claim, your airline is the right point of contact. Some airlines offer the option of reporting losses online or sending an e-mail to customer service before you appear in person at the airport. Remember to keep all flight documents, especially your boarding pass and baggage claim tag.

Bulky & excess baggage

If the number, weight or size of your baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you can check it in at the bulky baggage counter for an additional fee. Before booking, please check with the respective airline as to whether (and under what conditions) you can check in your bulky and/or excess baggage

Dangerous goods

The transport of dangerous goods is generally prohibited, in order to prevent any risk to air traffic.Baggage_EU-list-prohibited-itemsReturn service for dangerous goodsIn the event that you accidentally carry an item classified as dangerous, you can have it returned by post to yourself or to relatives, neighbours, etc. for a fee of EUR 5. Please note! Dangerous goods, liquids or lighters may not be shipped.


We are happy to offer you the service of taking pushchairs with you to the aircraft. Please inform the staff at check-in so that we can attach a luggage tag to the pushchair. You can then fold up the empty pushchair at the passenger stairs and hand it over to our check-in staff.

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