How to complete your check-in

In order to ensure a relaxed journey right from the start, you can easily complete many formalities online from home, and there are also ways to save time at the airport. Find out how it works here.

Important information on check-in

Plan enough time before departureThe check-in counters open 2 hours before departure and close 40 minutes before departure.Check in onlineThe quickest way is to check in online via your airline’s app or website.Most airlines require you to check in online in advance. Online check-in is possible up to 24 hours before departure.Being prepared at the check-in counterWhen you arrive at the check-in counter, please have your passport or ID card and your boarding pass ready. Most airlines require you to check in online in advance. Please place your baggage on the baggage carousel. You will then receive confirmation of your checked baggage and, if applicable, your boarding pass.

Online check-in

With many airlines, you can print out your boarding pass yourself or save it on your smartphone. Please note that the airport has no control over this service, and that some airlines require online check-in. For further information, please contact the airlinedirectly.The boarding pass check takes place before the security check. Please have your boarding pass ready and present it at the relevant security point. Access to the security area will be denied without a valid boarding pass.

Self Bag Drop

Check in luggage independently and with ease

Ryanair and Wizz Air passengers who have already checked in online and received a boarding pass can use the Self Bag Drop.

Please note that the Self Bag Drop service is also only available up to 40 minutes before departure. You will find detailed instructions on site.

Check in luggage

Quick baggage check-in

If you are only taking hand luggage with you, you can go straight to the security check.If you are travelling with checked baggage, you must go to a check-in counter. You can find out which counter is ready for your flight on the display board in the terminal. You will also receive further support from the check-in agents.

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