We take responsibility for our actions

Sustainability at Memmingen Airport

For the employees, passengers, customers and supporters of Memmingen Airport, one thing is clear – flying means mobility and freedom, economic power and international understanding. Air transport will continue to play an important role in the future, with the requirements for sustainable development becoming increasingly important. Memmingen Airport must also make its contribution and has set a clear signal with its goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030.

All stakeholder groups are involved in a variety of interactions with the airport, which have both positive and negative effects on sustainability. For example, airport operations generate economic benefits for the surrounding area, as well as air pollution, noise and so on. Memmingen Airport bears responsibility and makes its contribution to an environmentally friendly society.

FMM: For each other – More social cohesion – More sustainability

Sustainably active in the areas of economy, ecology and society

Sustainably economical

For our management team, working responsibly means optimising the airport’s economic indicators as an economic factor. Economic success is the basis of our actions. The region also benefits from it.

Sustainably ecological

means treating natural resources with care and preserving them. Sensitivity and expertise are required with regard to the priorities of water protection, waste, aircraft noise, energy, emissions and bird strikes. As an infrastructure operator, the airport endeavours to act sustainably together with its partners.

Sustainably social

Memmingen Airport also sees itself in its role as an employer. Motivated and well-trained employees are the foundation of our corporate culture. Tolerance, mutual appreciation, trust and respect are our values. We also bear responsibility vis-a-vis external stakeholders. In addition to relationships with partners and interest groups, this includes extensive social commitment.

FMM and the Sustainable Development Goals

Our contribution to achieving the SDGs

Poverty should be ended in all forms and everywhere.The motto of Memmingen Airport’s long-standing co-operation with the Memmingen food bank is “Tafel statt Müll” – “Foodbank before wastage”. People in need in the town of Memmingen and parts of the district of Unterallgau are regularly given food and hygiene articles, as well as items that cannot pass through security at the airport.

Our caterers at the airport take great care to prevent food waste. Where possible, goods that have not been sold are used the following day. The amount of food that has to be consumed on the same day due to food safety is fortunately only a very small proportion, such as 0.01% of the goods used at coffee fellows.

The well-being and health of all employees at the airport are promoted through various initiatives and prevention programmes. Preventive care programmes include regular or one-off offers – such as sight and hearing tests, first aid courses, health days with health insurance companies and much more. The optimisation of occupational safety and conditions also plays an important role in health management at Memmingen Airport.

Memmingen Airport is committed to promoting young talent, which is why there are opportunities in many areas to start an apprenticeship, study programme or internship and gain valuable initial experience of working life. Further training in the form of one-day seminars, longer-term training and further training courses lasting several months or years are supported.

Equal opportunities for men and women are a reality at the airport. This is because several management positions are held by women, even in areas that were previously considered male domains.

We see clean water as an important basic foodstuff, as well as an important working tool at Memmingen Airport. Water-polluting substances – such as fire extinguishing and de-icing agents, diesel, oils and paraffin are used for operational reasons, which is why we take the utmost care when handling these substances. So far, no hazardous substances have escaped from the airport premises. Regular groundwater monitoring is carried out, the values of which are transmitted to the responsible district office in Unterallgau. There is an efficient sewer system for wastewater and rainwater, which is swept away into recessed zones wherever this is spatially possible. In 2022, a new rainwater retention basin was put into operation to prevent flooding of the nearby Schmittenbach stream during heavy rainfall and to relieve the drainage channel.

Memmingen Airport has really stepped on the gas. Including in the literal sense. With its biogas fuelling station in the security area, the airport is sending out a clear signal as it continues down its path to climate neutrality. Passenger transfer buses and other company vehicles run on natural gas.

The company’s own fleet is also gradually being expanded to include electric vehicles and vehicles with conventional drive systems are being replaced. There is already an electric charging station on the access road to the terminal, which is supplied with green electricity from Airport Energie Management GmbH’s photovoltaic system. Fast-charging columns in the security area, as well as further open-air and rooftop photovoltaic systems for energy generation are planned.

A CHP unit is something of an all-rounder, as excess waste heat from the power plant is also utilised. Energy is utilised efficiently thanks to combined heat and power generation.

The biogas required as fuel for the engine is obtained directly from the biogas producer Bitzer from Hawangen via the new north-south supply route.

New energy supply through biogas-fuelled CHP:
• Existing CHP unit: 250kW
• New CHP: 1.5MW

There will also be a new boiler, whose burner can then also be operated with biogas, and two 15 metre high buffers (outdoor storage tanks) to store the heat generated, which will be fed into the district heating network. The CHP unit is switched on when there is too little electricity from wind and solar energy in the country. The electricity is then fed into the grid, and the heat is temporarily stored in the large external storage tank.

A mobile wood pellet plant is also planned, which will round off the green mix of renewable energies as part of our balanced eco strategy.Affordable and clean energy is important for the airport and in order to develop feasible measures, a preliminary study was commissioned to “Develop a sustainable energy supply concept for FMM while incorporating existing infrastructure”. Processes such as “Power-to-Liquid” were also discussed and are now being driven forward with partners from the region.

The subsequent utilisation of the Memmingerberg airbase as Memmingen civil airport brought regional economic opportunities and advantages. From the start, the average number of passengers has been growing strongly and the upward trend is continuing.

Flight operations have a direct impact on the number of overnight stays in accommodation establishments in the surrounding area. Since the regional airport opened in 2007, the neighbouring communities and the city of Memmingen have registered a positive development.As a key employer and through the integration of regional partnerships, Memmingen Airport plays an important role in the value chain.

Memmingen Airport endeavours to achieve the economic optimum while observing and complying with ecological and social standards as well as strict safety precautions.

Memmingen Airport makes an important contribution as part of the transport infrastructure. Every flight connection strengthens the Allgäu and neighbouring regions as a business and tourism location. The increasing number of passengers naturally means that feeder traffic is also on the rise, and there are high emissions from private transport in particular. An electric charging station has been installed on the access road to the terminal to promote the attractiveness of e-mobility. The airport is interested in a balanced modal split, which is why good co-operation with bus and transfer providers, as well as local public transport is important.

On the conversion site of the former Memmingerberg airbase, there are sufficient land reserves for possible site expansion. The company Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG owns the land in the airport’s core area, in which 83 companies and organisations from the region have a stake. This company holds 31% of the operating company of Flughafen Memmingen GmbH. Aviation-related businesses can also find a perfect infrastructure here “up on the mountain”.

Passengers with reduced mobility can also start their journey easily and with maximum convenience at Memmingen Airport. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is important to register early with the airline you have booked, stating the degree of disability and the scope of service required. Memmingen Airport has reached an agreement with the Bavarian Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Bayerischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenbund), the Swabian District Association for the Hearing Impaired (Hörgeschädigter Bezirksverband Schwaben) and the City of Memmingen’s representative for the disabled (Behindertenbeauftragter der Stadt Memmingen) to create and guarantee accessibility in the airport area. The arrivals and departures areas in the passenger terminal are equipped for the disabled. All facilities are easily accessible for wheelchair users. Wheelchairs are available for use free of charge.

Especially in times of crisis, the social and economic components of air travel become clear. Memmingen Airport forms a bridge between West and East, it brings families together and intensifies international partnerships between clubs, associations and communities. It enables quick and easy access to jobs abroad and also makes study visits to other countries less complicated.

We pay the utmost attention to the aspect of sustainability when constructing new buildings & performing renovation work in the airport infrastructure. The materials used are state-of-the-art. Wherever possible, the airport works with local companies, tradespeople and suppliers. Preference is given to goods from the region in the catering sector at Memmingen Airport.

The focus is on improving the energy efficiency of buildings, and high energy standards are specified.As part of runway expansion efforts in 2019, the lighting was converted to LED, as was some of the lighting in the car parks and the terminal and the screens installed there.

Waste management is extremely important at the airport. The first step is to try to avoid waste and the second is to separate waste properly, which is an important step towards a sensible recycling process. In the terminal and in the individual workplaces at the airport, passengers and employees are sensitised and informed by appropriate signs and bins.

Various measures can help – here is a selection to illustrate:

  • New digitisation processes reduce paper consumption.Wherever possible, our caterers at the airport avoid plastic waste, remove disposable items such as straws from their range and ensure that their leftover food, residual waste and cardboard are properly separated and disposed of.
  • The ADF water mixture collected from the aircraft de-icing is transferred to a roll-off container and then taken to the group sewage treatment plant in Heimertingen.
  • Bottles, which have to be collected at the security check point, are collected by the aid organisation “humedica” and the proceeds are used for a good cause.
  • Food and hygiene articles that are also not allowed to pass through the security gate do not end up in the rubbish, but are collected by the Memmingen food bank at the airport and made available to their recipients.
  • We support the organisation Notausgang e.V., which helps people in critical social circumstances by donating items from Lost & Found to it so that they do not have to end up unused in the rubbish.

The top priority of our airport operations is climate neutrality, because our goal is zero: 0% CO2 by 2030. To this end, measures must be developed and implemented to avoid and reduce emissions and compensate for any remaining emissions.There are (or will be) opportunities to avoid emissions in various areas at the airport: renewable energies are being pushed, sustainable construction & is being renovated, e-mobility is being expanded and investments are being made in CO2-optimised airport-specific facilities.The airport also has an influence on emissions caused by air traffic, and is also keenly interested in the development of technical innovations and green fuel for aircraft. For example, an electric ultralight aircraft from Elektra Solar GmbH took off on its maiden flight from Memmingen Airport in June 2022.

High aircraft capacity utilisation ensures a low CO2 footprint that is left in the air per passenger. In 2019, the capacity utilisation factor was an average of 165 passengers per flight movement on scheduled and charter flights, which corresponds to a high load factor.

Clean lakes and seas should be preserved and used sustainably in the future, whereby plastic waste, in particular, must be avoided. This is why Memmingen Airport offers its passengers green alternatives when shopping at TVS – paper bags or PP woven bags, for example, as plastic bags are only available with a deposit and on request. The catering establishment “coffee fellows” also relies on home-compostable plastic-free cups with moulded fibre lids, sugar cane straws, recycled napkins and wooden cutlery.

The airport site covers around 200 hectares, 60% of which is green space. That is why we are actively committed to nature conservation at Memmingen Airport, promoting biodiversity and preventing wildlife strikes, in particular. When managing the land, we pay close attention to the breeding status of the animals when mowing, and a mix of long/short or rough grass is maintained on the various areas in accordance with a DAVVL biotope report.

Bees & insects have their home in a specially built bee hut and insect hotel on the airport access road. Lizards can also look forward to elaborately designed habitats.

The airport keeps a close eye on the impact that its operations have on its neighbours and the environment, and it takes real responsibility. We are active in the three disciplines of economic, environmental and social responsibility, and provide information on these in our sustainability reports. 2018 was our first edition and, in the new 2021 edition, you can see what has happened since then:

FMM Sustainability Report 2018

FMM Sustainability Report 2021

FMM – The philosophy that underpins everything we do at Memmingen Airport!

The award, presented by the International Association for Sustainable Aviation (IASA) e.V., confirms the successful endeavours towards delivering greater sustainability on the basis of a comprehensive audit carried out by neutral auditors. Among other things, the IASA recognises Memmingen Airport’s efforts to protect the environment, maintain good neighbourly relations with local residents and the economic benefits for the region. Memmingen Airport was once again awarded the seal of approval during the recertification process at the end of 2019.

IASA Certificate Certification 2015

IASA Re-certification Certificate 2019

Sustainable airport operations

Our goal:

0.0 % CO2 by 2030 by reducing emissions to a minimum and, in the final step, offsetting the remaining CO2 emissions through climate protection measures!

The emissions from Scope 1 + 2 that can be influenced by the airport are primarily considered, whereby the airport endeavours to exert a positive influence on the decisions and activities of its stakeholders and also to train its own employees accordingly.

Scope 1: Direct emissions from energy generation and consumption (fuels for the vehicle fleet and energy for heating)

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy purchases (electricity and heat purchases)

Scope 3: Indirect emissions from third parties (air/shuttle traffic, third-party energy)


CO2 reduction guidelines at Memmingen Airport:

  • Based on our capabilities, we endeavour to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions wherever (and as far as) possible.
  • We provide sufficient resources in terms of personnel, finance and infrastructure to successfully strive for climate-neutral operations.
  • Our sustainable organisational structure and appropriate employee training lead to the achievement of our goals. We raise awareness and take responsibility for environmental protection.


Overview of the measures we have already implemented:

Compensation options through our passengers

There are various ways for our passengers to compensate for their own flight:

  • International: There are various charitable organisations to choose from, such as the foundations myclimate, Klima-Kollekte, Primaklima or atmosfair. Every contribution benefits an international climate protection project.
  • Customers can also voluntarily offset their CO2 emissions for their flight directly with the airlines Ryanair or Wizz Air.
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