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Our history

From the militay airport Memmingerberg to the third Bavarian civil airport. Memmingen Airport looks back on a long history.

The military airfield was built in Memmingerberg.

Several serious air raids in the last two years of the war destroy the airport infrastructure.

After a great deal of repair work and new buildings the military airfield was first used by the US Air Force for NATO practice flights.

The German air force replaced the allied forces and stationed the fighter bomber squadron „34th Allgäu“ at the airfield.


Due to restructuring by the German army, it was decided to close the military airfield.

13.06.2002: Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG was founded in order to prepare for a civil usage of the NATO airfield after its closure.
31.07.2002: an application was filed for aviation law change authorisation at the Federal Office of Aviation for South Bavaria.

Withdrawal of the German air force. The airport is released for a subsequent civil usage.


09.07.2004: the former military airfield received the aviation law change authorisation from the Federal Office of Aviation for South Bavaria for a civil regional airport. 05.08.2004: start up of flight operation according to visual flight rules.

Start of building measures for the initiation of a regular passenger flight operation.

28.06.2007: regular passenger flight operations were taken up by TUIfly. 21.10.2007: Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG greeted its 100,000th customer.

Allgäu Ariport Memmingerberg nimmt mit TUI Fly den Linienflugbetrieb auf - Zur Premiere gibt es Blasmusik und Brotzeit - Deutschlands höchster Airport - Boeing 737-300 - sieben Ziele in Europa

In May 2008, the Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG extended its management team by Manfred Schilder.
In September 2008, the Allgäu Airport welcomed its 500,000th passenger.

29.04.2009: for the first time a machine of the airline Ryanair launched at Allgäu Airport.

29.05.2009: the new gate 4 was inaugurated.
07.08.2009: flight operations were taken up by the Ukrainian airline Wizz Air. 2010 a new arrival gate has been completed. In addition, on 21.05.

The new gates 5 and 6 in the first floor of the terminal were opened.

Michael O´Leary Ryanair zu Gast bei Allgäu Airport, Pressekonferenz mit ehemaligem Landrat Hermann Haisch

The accomplishment of an air legal planning approval procedure was applied by the aviation authority of south Bavaria. The planning approval propose different ways: wider runway, new taxiway and expansion of the terminal.

On the 26th of June the 5th Birthday of schedulded flight and the 10th Birthday of the Allgäu Airport company were celebrated. During that time approx. 82.000 air movements and 3.5 million passengers were counted.


In January the 4th million passenger was welcomed at the airport.
On 01.03.2013 the regional government of Upper Bavaria approved the structural expansion of the airport as well as the adjustment of the operating times in the planning approval decision.

Memmingen Airport welcomed in June  the 5th million passenger.

Fünfmillionster Allgäu Airport Passagier

On the 14th of July the Bavarian Administrative Court dismisses all complaints against the extension of the Airport Memmingen. Planning for the expansion can now begin. The operating times may be extended according to the plan approval procedure.

In November 2015, referendums were held in Memmingen and the district of Unterallgäu on the participation of the city and the district in areas of the former air base. Both decisions went in favor of the airport and the planned land purchase.


The operating company Flughafen Memmingen GmbH takes over the operative business of Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG.
In March, Ryanair announces the opening of a base in Memmingen, with one stationed aircraft to start the winter timetable in October.
On 28.06.2017, 10 years of Memmingen airport were celebrated.
With a total of 1,179,875 passengers, in 2017 the million mark could be exceeded for the first time.

Base Eröffnung mit Kenny Jacobs


On October 5th, together with the Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder the groundbreaking ceremony for the airport expansion took place.
On the 6th of December, the 10 millionth passenger was welcomed. In December, Ryanair also announced from the end of March 2019, a second base machine for Memmingen. With 1,492,553 passengers in 2018, another record was set.

Spatenstich mit Dr. Söder

From September 17-30, flight operations were completely suspended for the renovation of the runway. During these two weeks, new LED lights were istalled an the runway was widened from 30 to 45 meters. In addition, a lizzard habitat was constructed. All work was completed on schedule, so that flight operations could be resumed on the first of October. 


In May, the car rental and travel center opened in parking lot P1 directly opposite the terminal. The deconstruction of the previous rental car area in the terminal now provides additional space for waiting passengers at the check-in counters.



On October 5, the new baggage hall was opened by Bavaria’s Minister of Transport Kerstin Schreyer. This includes the new arrivals hall and baggage handling. The hall, with an usable area of around 2,300 square meters, was built in a 19-month construction period. The expansion allowed the previous arrivals area to be converted into an additional gate.

Ready to go: Bavaria`s Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer opened the new terminal at Memmingen Airport.