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General baggage information

Cabin baggage

The measurements of cabin baggage differ, so please ask your airline before departure.

Only  limited quantities of liquids, such as drinks, gels and creams, may be taken in cabin baggage on board flights departing from EU airports. Passengers are therefore requested to avoid liquids in cabin baggage as far as possible. Liquids in containers with a capacity under 100ml are allowed, and only when transported in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. These regulations apply for all flights to all destinations. Medications and special dietary requirements, for example nutritional drinks for diabetics and baby food for travelling infants, may also be carried in cabin baggage outside of the plastic bag, when they will be needed during the flight.
Passengers are required to present these liquids to security personnel and, when requested, to provide proof (e.g. a prescription) of the in-flight need for these items.


Bulky luggage

You can check-in oversized baggage at our check-in counter and bring it afterwards to the bulky luggage counter in the terminal. Please check in advance terms and conditions for bulky luggage with your airline.


Dangerous goods

In order to exclude risks to aviation, the transport of dangerous goods is generally prohibited.

Return service for dangerous goods
In the event that you accidentally carry an item classified as dangerous, you may have it mailed back to yourself or relatives, neighbors, etc. for a fee of 5,- ā‚¬. Please note! Dangerous goods, liquids or lighters may not be shipped.

Lost & Found

If you have lost your luggage or other personal items, please contact our lost and found service team.

Phone: +49 8331 984200-266