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Travel information

Your way through security check

Passenger screening

Before reaching your departure gate you will pass through security screening for passengers and their hand luggage. To prevent unnecessary waiting times we advise you to stow items like liquids in your check-in luggage and to make your way to the security control directly after checking in.

Step 1

Keep your boarding pass ready for security personnel. Place your hand luggage on the conveyor belt of the screening device and put the carriage of liquids, jackets and electronic devices like mobile phones, cameras and laptops and other items in your pockets as well as belts in the tubs. Please note that there are special regulations for liquids in your cabin luggage. Here you can find further information.

Step 2

Move quickly through the metal detecor. If the metal detector sounds an alarm, the security personnel will do a follow-up check with a hand-held probe and control your shoes again.

Step 3

Items in your hand luggage that are not identifiable during screening will be checked separately in your presence. You may be asked to show the items and switch on electronic devices to show that they work.

Children travelling alone

Please consider terms and conditions of each airline regarding children travelling on its own. You need to inform prior to departure from which age minors are allowed to travel.

Travelling with animals

When travelling with animals please note that the Allgäu Airport Memmingen is no point of entry for animals coming from a non EU country.
For information on pet passports and the relevant EU regulations, visit the website of the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection at