Electromobility at Memmingen Airport

Memmingen Airport considers itself responsible for improving clean air and reducing noise pollution through the use of low-emission technologies. One important contribution involves the airport fleet’s gradual conversion to drives powered by renewable energies: electric and gas – and in future – hydrogen.Fleet management faces major challenges in terms of financial and day-to-day operational issues, especially for specialised vehicles used in winter services and de-icing operations. It is also important to be able to provide a functioning charging infrastructure. There are many different charging points in the security area, which are used by the car fleet as well as by aircraft and luggage tugs, cleaning machines, e-scooters, etc.There is an e-charging station on the access road to the airport in the immediate vicinity of the terminal, which is popular with passengers, drop-offs & pick-ups, as well as local residents, service providers and employees.The aim is to steadily expand e-mobility, on land & in the air.

E-charging station with its own PV system

Operator: Airport Energie Management GmbH

Technical information on the charging stations

Charging station 1 with 215 kW total power, has 4 charging points:Charging point 1 & 2: CCS type 2 plug 150kW DCCharging point 3: Type 2 socket 22kW ACCharging point 4: Type 2 plug 43kW ACAll 4 charging points can be used simultaneously.Charging station 2 with 215 kW total power, has 6 charging points:Charging point 1 & 2 : CCS type 2 plug 150kWCharging point 3: Type 2 socket 22kW ACCharging point 4: Type 2 plug 43kW ACCharging point 5: CHAdeMO plug 50kW DCCharging point 6: Tesla plug 50kW DC4 charging points can be used simultaneously.

Technical information on the photovoltaic system

Performance data:Module field 1Rooftop system building (bunker)255 modules 300Wp = 76.5kWpModule field 2“Audach” system carport78 modules 300Wp = 23.4kWpOverall performanceModule field 1 and 299.9kWp

Notes on charging and parking

As long as a vehicle is being charged, there are no parking fees.As these are fast-charging stations, you can charge the vehicles within a short time before starting your journey or on your return. During your absence, the vehicles must be parked in one of the airport car parks.The charging stations are equipped with a telephone fault hotline that can be used to get help with charging problems around the clock.

Steady expansion of the e-fleet

Development in recent years

Proportion of vehicles to be refuelled in the total fleet FMM + Allgate ...20212022
...with electric drivearound 25%around 31%
...with natural gas drivearound 7%
...with synthetic dieselaround 11%
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