Sustainable energy supply

“Green Airport Memmingen” is the name of a project that pursues the ambitious goal of making Memmingen Airport CO2-neutral by 2030. To this end, in 2017, Airport Energie Management GmbH (AEM), a subsidiary of Allgäu Airport GmbH & CO. KG and e-con AG has been incorporated to achieve this goal.The aim is to develop a long-term, economical, climate-neutral and innovative energy supply strategy for the airport.

Building blocks that ensure a sustainable energy supply

Energy centre at Memmingen Airport

To ensure the airport’s operation, electricity and heat are partly generated through a de-centralised solution via combined heat and power plants. The biogas required as fuel for the engine is obtained directly from the biogas producer, Bitzer, from Hawangen via the company’s own north-south supply route. The CHP unit is switched on when there is insufficient electricity from wind and solar energy in the country. The electricity is then fed into the grid, and the heat is temporarily stored in the large external storage tank.

Various components in the AEM heating centre round off the green portfolio of renewable energies in use:

Information on the heating infrastructure and district heating network:

  • Raw biogas CHP: 1,500 kW (electrical) and 1,700 kW (thermal)
  • Existing CHP unit: 250 kW (electrical) and 290 kW (thermal)
  • Buffer tank: 300,000 litres
  • Heat generation: approx. 14,000 MWh/year
  • Wood pellet system
  • Length of district heating network: approx. 7 km

Conversion to LED

Memmingen Airport has taken receipt of a completely new lighting system. In 2019, a switch was made to LED technology for the take-off & landing lighting with edge, centreline and touchdown zone lighting.

In addition to this development, the lighting and screens in the terminal and administrative buildings were converted to LED, as was some of the lighting in the car parks.

Solar energy for the airport

One of the most environmentally friendly methods of energy generation is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. PV systems are also being installed at Memmingen Airport, such as on the open-air canopy situated in front of the Airport Service Center.

Technical information:

  • 125 KW
  • Roof size 50.00 m x 11.06 m

The PV system at the electric charging station on the access road to the terminal is also used to generate green electricity.

Green energy for Memmingen Airport

The innovative energy concept aims to make Memmingen Airport completely climate-neutral by 2030! Project presentation by KfW.


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