1. August 2022

Hassle-free travel is the key …

A relaxing flight begins long before take-off. To make the time until take-off as pleasant as possible for young passengers, Memmingen Airport now offers a new children’s playground. However, it should also help to make the airport even more attractive as an excursion destination.

With or without a ticket to fly: children can now play and take off in the new adventure playground on the east side of the terminal. This is because, at the centre of the 100 square metre area is a fantasy figure to behold: half bird and half plane. This wooden, lovingly designed element, customised for the airport by the Allgäu playground specialists from Cucumaz, promises fun and variety. Another walk-in installation, reminiscent of an X-ray machine for suitcases, is also dedicated to the miracle of human flight. “We want to offer both our young passengers and our visitors an unusual attraction,” explains Andras Loritz, Head of Non-Aviation at the airport. Memmingen Airport also wants to continue to score top marks as an excursion destination. The area around the terminal also has plenty to offer older guests. While the kids are playing in the playground, adults can relax in the newly designed beer garden. The catering offer in the outdoor area of the terminal is supplemented by the Gate 34 snack bar and the Coffee Fellows Express. And all visitors can experience the fascination of flying free of charge. Given that, be it from the beer garden or the playground – the view of the apron and observing both arriving and departing aircraft are possible at all times.

Half aircraft, half bird: this fantasy figure is the centrepiece of the new adventure playground at Memmingen Airport.

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