11. January 2021

Land sale in the business park at Allgäu Airport is off the table

However, Memmingen Airport is sticking to the distribution centre projectThe sale of a plot of land at Memmingen Airport for the construction of an Amazon distribution centre is now off the table. A corresponding purchase application has now been withdrawn by Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co KG (AAP). Nevertheless, the company is convinced of the project’s potential and would like to realise it elsewhere.While distribution centres of this type were built in several places in Germany and Bavaria without any issue and were also welcomed by local politicians, a lively discussion developed in and around Memmingen. “We didn’t expect this kind of resistance,” says Bettina Kurrle, Chair of the AAP Advisory Board. The company had deliberately wanted to purchase a plot of land from the portfolio of Gewerbepark am Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co KG (GAP), as this company fulfils the task of commercially utilising commercial space in the southern area of the airport for the shareholders. The GAP was created in the course of the reorganisation of Memmingen Airport and is largely supported by districts and cities. “The local authorities involved in the company would have profited 75 per cent from the sale,” emphasises Bettina Kurrle.As the AAP is convinced by the project’s prospects and a diversification of the airport’s business model is necessary, especially in times of the pandemic, this future-centric project is now to be realised on an area that has always been owned by the airport, adds Bettina Kurrle.The plans for the planned distribution centre are characterised by CO2-neutral implementation efforts during operation and the lowest possible use of space. A sustainable energy concept provides for a connection to the airport’s district heating network, the use of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the buildings and the supply of biogas from neighbouring Hawangen. According to Amazon, mainly electric vehicles are used for the “last mile” delivery to the consumer, for which a separate car park is being built to take up as little space as possible. The project developer is Airport Energie Management GmbH (AEM), in which AAP holds a 25.1 per cent stake alongside e-con AG. “We can play a key role in shaping the project and ensuring its effective ecological implementation,” emphasises Allgäu Airport Managing Director, Ralf Schmid. The building and land will remain the property of AAP and are to be leased to Amazon for 15 years.The project recently received encouragement from the Kempten-Memmingen Employment Agency (AfA). According to available information, people in the region with little or no training could also be given a new opportunity through jobs at Amazon. At peak times, up to 200 employees will work at the centre and up to 600 more at supplier partners. All those involved emphasise that the decisive factor for Amazon’s vote in favour of the location was its excellent transport links at the intersection of two motorways and the existing infrastructure of the former conversion site. Night-time cargo flights are already ruled out by the airport’s aviation licence.

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