26. July 2022

Memmingen Airport is well-equipped for the start of the holiday season

Very long queues, disgruntled passengersand baggage with no return: none of this shouldbe the case at Memmingen Airport at the start of the Bavarian school holidays next weekend andduring the following holiday weeks. This is because southern Germany’sleading low-cost airport is well-equipped for the upcoming holiday season, andis well-prepared for the expected rush.“Our team is ready and well-positioned for the start of the holidays and everythingthat comes thereafter” explains Airport Sales Manager, Marcel Schütz. This is why,in recent weeks and months, we have been continuously recruiting new employeesand will continue to do so. “And when things get tight,everyone is committed to helping together.” As for Memmingen Airport, thefigures for the pre-Corona period have already been exceeded and, lastSunday, reached the one million passenger mark, an increase in the level ofdemand has long been part of everyday life. The number of passengers in July is currently around elevenper cent above the same period in 2019. For the upcomingsummer holidays, around 310,000 passengers and 900 take-offs and landings are expectedin total. In 2019 there were 275,417 passengers. In the last fewweeks, if there were delays or, in rare cases, flight cancellations, the reason for this was,according to Schütz, primarily congestion at other airports and in the availableairspace.But the passenger too, as Marcel Schütz and his team are keen to point out,can contribute to faster processing. On the one hand,you should be at the airport at least two hours before departure. Aspassengers have usually checked in online and have a boarding pass,it is only those with baggage need to check in at the check-in counters.“Even if you pack your hand luggage correctly, you’ll save time later at thesecurity check,” explains Marketing Manager, Marina Siladji. Liquidsare still not permitted and should, therefore, be removed from hand luggage in advance. If you always have your ID and boarding pass to hand until you finally enterthe aircraft, you can also help avoid time delays. And:“Book the car park online in advance,” advise those responsible. Reasonably pricedand climate-friendly at the same time, with the 9 Euro Ticket, with whichyou can conveniently make your way to the terminal.

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