2. December 2021

Memmingen Airport presents its new sustainability report

“Our goal is zero!”

Memmingen Airport has published its second sustainability report for 2021. The goal of achieving climate neutrality is the top priority.On 56 pages, the management team behind southern Germany’s largest low-cost airport documents its efforts to bring the concept of sustainability to life within the company, and to turn its intentions into real-terms action. A wide range of measures are presented in the three fields of action spanning “Economy”, “Ecology” and “Society”. “Climate neutrality is our top priority,” emphasises Airport Managing Director, Ralf Schmid. “Our goal is zero! 0 per cent CO2 by 2030 by reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions!”As an airport driven by a keen entrepreneurial spirit, the aim is to promote the economic strength of the region and cultural exchange. “We guarantee safe and reliable flight operations at all times,” says Schmid, explaining the company’s vision. “We emphasise sustainable growth from our own resources, in full awareness of our responsibility vis-a-vis customers, employees, the region and the environment.” The basis for success is agility and innovative strength. Especially in our current times of crisis, the societal aspect of air travel is becoming ever clear. It ensures mobility. Low prices have democratised this once elitist form of travel. Ralf Schmid: “Memmingen Airport establishes a bridge between West and East, it brings families together and intensifies international partnerships between clubs, associations and communities. It enables quick and easy access to jobs abroad, and it also makes study visits to other countries less complicated.”In tandem to the published report, an online survey on the airport website offers the opportunity to offer further suggestions, wishes and opinions on the topic.Click here to read the full report.

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