1. June 2022

More passengers at Whitsun than before the pandemic

Memmingen Airport has now put the Coronavirus firmly behind it for the time being. This is confirmed by the expected passenger numbers for the upcoming Whitsun holidays. This means that roughly 100,000 passengers will travel to and from Memmingen during the two holiday weeks, significantly exceeding the figures for the (pre-Corona) year of 2019.

“This means that we have reached (and exceeded) the pre-crisis level faster than any other airport in Bavaria and southern Germany,” explains Airport Sales Manager, Marcel Schütz. “Our position as the leading low-cost airport in southern Germany has thus been consolidated.” A “full house” at Whitsun corresponds to around 570 flight operations and up to 18 departures per day in Memmingen during the two holiday weeks. Before the Coronavirus, 91,000 passengers and 542 flight movements were recorded in the same period in 2019. In the previous year, only around 32,000 passengers landed and took off due to the pandemic.

All warm-water destinations around the Mediterranean are in demand during the Whitsun holidays, as are European metropolises such as London and Barcelona and insider tips such as Riga, Pisa and Billund. Destinations in Eastern Europe are also in high demand for visits to relatives and friends, as well as for holiday trips. And there will be something new here to celebrate next Friday: the connection to Kukës in the north of Albania will start operating and will be served twice a week by Wizz Air in future. There are currently five airlines serving Memmingen passengers: Ryanair and Wizz Air have the most destinations. There are also Eurowings, Corendon and Avanti.

Due to the strong booking situation, airport managers advise passengers to plan enough time for their departure at the airport. Travellers should also find out in advance regarding any provisions in their destination country, and complete any documents that may still be required. It is also advisable to book the car park at the airport online in advance .

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